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What to wear on a Kosherica cruise

What to wear on a Kosherica cruise 400 330 Sarity Gervais

This blog will be about what to wear on a Kosherica cruise. Very often I am asked how to pack for a cruise. There are so many answers that I can give but first I need to always ask you guys a couple of questions. First question is where are you going? Are you going somewhere warm like the Caribbean, the Greek Isles, the Mediterranean? Another question is when are you going on your trip?

So if you’re going to Alaska in the summertime, I would tell you that you need to bring layers. I would always say bring a fleece jacket for when you get closer to the glaciers. In addition, make sure you have layers that include long sleeves, scarves, gloves and warm socks. But you also need to be ready to take off all those layers when you walk around town. Temperatures can range anywhere from 50° near the glaciers to 85° on land. Temperatures are also very inconsistent here. Some days it could be gorgeous and sunny and some days you can have rain showers (it’s right in the middle of a huge rain forest). By the way, I always highly recommend bringing a poncho that you can just roll up and throw in your bag. In addition, always have a great pair of walking shoes that are comfortable. You want to be able to go and explore as much as you possibly can because it’s absolutely beautiful in Alaska. I also always highly, highly recommend checking  prior to your cruise. Ask for the 10-day weather forecast. This way you will make sure to bring all the things that you need.

If you are going to the Greek Isles or the Mediterranean in the middle of the summertime, I highly recommend that you pack very light clothing. The weather tends to be warmer in the summer and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Life just becomes much more comfortable when you’re wearing a lightweight, lighter color that reflects the sun and a great pair of walking shoes. It’s always really fun to also carry around a portable fan with the water sprayer. This allows you to stay cool for longer periods of time. You can even take little portable ice packs that you just throw in your purse. You trigger the ice pack and it becomes cold just by twisting it. It just makes walking around in hot weather really pleasant. In addition, I always recommend a good sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. These are some excellent necessities that make the trip that much more comfortable. If you’re going to the Baltic region or Russia, you’re going to encounter all sorts of weather. In places like Russia it can be cloudy and rainy one day and the next day hot and sunny. This region is a place where I would recommend always bringing a little sweater and a poncho and being ready to go with the flow. Most times in the summer it’s actually quite nice but it’s good to just have things on hand if you need them.

On the actual cruise itself I always recommend a wrap for walking around. These ships are air-conditioned, and it sometimes does get a little chilly inside. You can always change the temperature in your stateroom very easily, but you can’t always change it in the public areas. Cruise ships generally have 1 to 2 formal nights depending on the cruise ship. Wonderfully, our formal night usually ends up on Shabbat so all of our guests are generally wearing shabbat clothing already. The cruise line does not recommend wearing baseball hats or shorts in the dining room. They want to have more of a formal setting for their guests. It also makes dinner time a little bit more special when people don’t go super casual.

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