The Travel Loyalty Program


  • Every $1.00 spent = $0.05 credit towards a cruise
  • Example: $10,000 spent = $500 credit


  • Every $1.00 spent = $0.05 credit to be used towards a Passover program (excluding PGA)
  • Every $1.00 spent = $0.02 credit to be used towards a cruise

Sign Up

In order to sign up for the Kosherica Loyalty Program – Please send an email to Aliza ([email protected]) and she will respond with your Membership number which must be used on every booking in order to accumulate points.

Status Levels

Platinum level = $150,000 spent.

Platinum level members will receive:

  • Pre-cruise gift
  • Special onboard Kosherica gift waiting in your cabin
  • Complimentary bottle of wine each night
  • $100 excursion or spa credit per cruise
  • Priority seating

Gold level = $75,000 spent.

Gold level members will receive:

  • Pre-cruise gift
  • 1 complimentary bottle of wine




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Important Travel Insurance Information
  • We will grandfather this in for any cruise or program from January 1, 2015
  • If you currently have a cruise booked with Kosherica, the points you have amassed so far will go towards your next cruise or Pesach hotel reservation.
  • Transfer of Points: the points belong to the invoice payee for any specific cruise or Passover program. If the payee chooses to transfer points, he/she must contact Kosherica directly to authorize the transference of points. Once the points are transferred, they cannot be reversed.
  • If you use points on a cruise or Passover program – you can still collect points for that program on the invoice amount that you are paying (less the discount for the points).
  • Points are collected on the base rate of the invoice. Port charges/taxes/gratuities/service charges are not included.