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Travel Tips for Kosher, Religious Jewish Families

Travel Tips for Kosher, Religious Jewish Families 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Keeping a Glatt Kosher diet and observing the Shabbat while traveling can be challenging. Glatt Kosher stores and restaurants are likely available in most large cities. You’ll find local shuls to guide you with the time of sunrise and sunset in faraway lands. Yet, if your spirit longs to explore exotic, remote locations, you might have a hard time unless you prepare ahead.

To make life easy here are some tips:

1. Pack a bag full of healthy Kosher snacks.

Get non-perishable foods which can even be turned into a full meal. Cans of salmon and tuna, supplemented with fresh vegetables, travel size packets of olive and coconut oil, salt and pepper. Whole grain crackers, almond butter, nuts and local fresh fruit.

2. For lovers of Israeli salad, make life easy and bring a chopper with you to make a bright, delightful addition to any meal.

3. Do not forget to take Shabbat candles with you.

Go for the tea candles with the tin base, and don’t forget the matches!

4. Bring along a door magnet to hold the door open during Shabbat.

5. Make sure to research the presence of local Glatt Kosher restaurants.

You’ll be better prepared if you do your due diligence well ahead. If the restaurant has a website or email address, you might want to verify they still exist. Also ask if they have proper Rabbinical Glatt Kosher supervision that you are comfortable with. Finally, make sure they are still at the address you have located. It helps to find restaurants not too far from your hotel, as cab fare in many places is exorbitantly expensive. Checking their menu is also advisable, especially for those who have finicky eaters in their family.

6. Download the free ‘Ultimate Zmanim’ app to your mobile device. This is a clever app which is calculated through your GPS, even offline. It tells the time of sunrise and sunset, the time for tefilot and minyanim, candle lighting, etc. It works precisely anywhere you are in the world. Premium users who pay the $2.99 get Zmanim alarm – to insure you never miss a minyan, plus a customizing mode to select which times you choose to see and the color themes inside the app. You may also print data right from the app to keep for future reference. Very cool!

7. Don’t forget to ask airlines to pre-book kosher meals.

8. If you intend to prep your own food, pack a good knife and a peeler, some picnic plates and disposable flatware.

9. Best tip of all: Go on a Kosherica Glatt Kosher Luxury cruise and have everything done for you. You’ll visit the most magical places on the planet, eat gourmet Glatt Kosher food under the strictest supervision and have the time of your life!