Travel Photos by Matt Wakem

Travel Photos by Matt Wakem 350 350 Sarity Gervais

The Jerusalem Post, March 2005
by Lisa Alcalay Klug

Traveling is one of my true passions. I love exploring new destinations, taking cruises, learning about other cultures and marveling at landscapes far different from what I would find in my own backyard. I suppose that’s also why I enjoy looking at travel photos. And let me tell you, the best travel photos really transport me. I can smell the air and hear the noises just by looking at them. One of my favorite travel photographers is Matthew Wakem. He’s not a household name as far as professional photographers go, but I think that’s one of the things I like most about him.

While you may find his work on the walls of various people &quotin the know&quot in New York, California and Connecticut (like me) or on the pages of magazines like Cond&eacute Nast Traveler, for the most part, his images are not overly publicized. In fact, looking for his travel photos is like an exploration in its own right. But I’m sharing his web site with you in the hope that you are as captivated by his images as I am:

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