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Tips to Prepare for a Stress Free Vacation

Tips to Prepare for a Stress Free Vacation 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Your vacation plans are in place transportation tickets, hotels or staterooms booked. Everyone in the family is excited and happily looking forward to the time away&amphellip.or are they?

The kids are likely to be all bubbly with anticipation. With the beautiful carefree spirit of childhood they may never experience any stress. If anything, they may cause you some extra unless you remember to breathe and follow the tips I gathered.

1. Leave work behind:

No matter how tempted you are, forget about the laundry list of duties awaiting you. Be present, enjoy the sun, the rain, the sights and the family.

2. Make certain to delegate before you leave:

Pick only the most pertinent things to finish and then trust your workmates to take care of the rest.

3. The safety of your home must not cause you any stress:

Worrying about the empty home being a victim to a slew of disasters can put a damper on the perfect vacation.

Here is what to do before a trip:

&middot Stop mail and paper deliveries or ask a neighbour to pick them up for you.

&middot Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway. Leave your own car out too.

&middot Leave a light or two on timers to make it seem like someone is home throughout the day.

&middot Unplug small appliances and devices to prevent mishaps.

&middot Smoke detectors must work properly.

&middot Notify your security company about your absence.

&middot Turn off the water valves to sinks, washing machine and dishwashers. Put the water heater on vacation mode.

&middot Leave an emergency contact with a trusty neighbour, relative or friend.

&middot Toss out all perishables and garbage, so you return to a fragrant home.

4. Finally, pamper yourself when you reach your destination:

Bring an aromatherapy kit designed for relaxation. Lavender oil can be used directly from the vial with great results. Mixed with massage oil, a massage therapist will unknot your tension and after a soak in the spa water, you&amprsquoll be good as new.

Breathe…and enjoy