Sunscreens with Genius

Sunscreens with Genius 515 386 Sarity Gervais

What can I say: Sunspots and wrinkles are not coveted by most people and the &amplsquoprune&amprsquo look has gone out of fashion with the pioneer wagons, Cowboys &amp Indians and hardworking people braving the great outdoors.

It was a sign of true grit, a batch of honor. It was not intentional but rather part of a hard life.

Then in the mid 1900&amprsquos there came a craze of suntan worship. In many circles, to be pale meant you never got out and were &ampldquobookish&amprdquo. A deep tan equaled beauty and the good life. It continued in earnest for many years, with tanning salons aiding the process in the winter and the darker you got the better. People were very proud of cultivating the darkest tan. It was considered glamorous and some celebrities became famous merely for remaining deeply tan. Many of those people now are battling serious sun damage, skin cancer, discoloration and aging.

We know better now about indiscriminate sun exposure. Gone are the days when people lay around baking in the sun, slathered in iodine-laced baby oil, sun reflectors all around to intensify the effect. They paid the price&amphellipso we don&amprsquot have to.

We learned that SPF is a must even for a walk in the park or a drive in the car. Layering and the strength of the protection vary by activity and time of year. Anywhere from 15-60 SPF reapplied every few hours are mandatory as is moisturizer to keep skin plump and healthy. It&amprsquos been a trend for years now to combine the two, thus cutting down the fuss, making one feel safe and righteous. The BB creams added color too but none was a real treatment.

Nothing exceptional, but still, moisture and sun protection. Good stuff. Lately though, several companies outdid themselves.

Here are some of the Best:

1. For Perfect Complexion

Dr. Dennis Gross, the &ampldquoat-home peel doctor&amprdquo, introduced an amazing color correcting sunscreen in two shades. It&amprsquos considered a treatment as well and smooths on like light-weight, full-coverage foundation.

2. For Bright Skin

A new star arrived directly from Korea: a moisturizer from Kicho is packed with skin brightening antioxidants. It has soy bean placenta for rejuvenation and other ingredients to protect porcelain complexions.

3. To Create Cheekbones

Dr. Jart has a sunscreen which needs to be applied on top of makeup on the T-zone for a depth defining glow. It can be applied as a primer too and the moisturizing ingredients calm the skin with glacial water as well as softening deep sea water.

4. Minimize Imperfections

Sisley has a new water resistant cream and it&amprsquos so concentrated that a little bit is enough to smooth fine lines, cover dark spots and protect skin from the sun.

5. Flawless Pore-less Skin

La Prairie has a new sun protection product, actually a skin treatment, to be applied on its own as a moisturizer in summer or on top of your skin care routine in winter. It has a surprisingly wonderful pore minimizing quality. It both protects and rejuvenates skin.