Russia and Baltic Kosher Cruises

Russia and Baltic

Russia and Baltic 625 416 Sarity Gervais

Join Kosherica, the leader in Glatt Kosher tours, as we explore the rich and cultural Baltic region. This luxury kosher cruise will take place on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newer ship, the magnificent Escape. It is a ship that we are incredibly proud to feature as we explore European Jewish life through the ages and today. We are calling this tour the Russian and Baltic Jewish Heritage Tour. It is a wonderful opportunity for the Jewish traveler to explore cities that are rich in Jewish culture. This particular ship will feature an exclusive dining room where our team of chefs will prepare your 5-star cuisine.

The tour will begin in Copenhagen, Denmark on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Before boarding we will explore the magnificent sites of Denmark. You will get to see castles, fishing villages and important landmarks in Jewish life. On Thursday we will be going on an immensely powerful tour to Berlin. You will see sites such as the Brandenburger gate and the old and new architecture of Paris Square. Afterwards, we will visit the bombastic memorial to the murder of European Jews in Hitler’s bunker lurking right around the corner. You will see the former Gestapo and SS headquarters as well as the longest part of the wall still standing up until about 30 years ago. We will stop at Checkpoint Charlie and other different major landmarks. We will also visit the new Synagogue from 1866 with the Golden Dawn and watching the history of David which is visible to all. Any proceeds for this tour will go directly to the Jewish community of Berlin.

Another major stop will be St. Petersburg, Russia. We are thrilled to be there for two days. One day is just not enough in order to see this tremendous and powerful city. We will drive through the city and view iconic sites. We’ll see places such as the Hermitage Museum, the Peterhoff Gardens, the Grand Palace and the Great Synagogue. Will take a boat tour along the river and canals. Our guide will have a comprehensive understanding of what makes this magnificent cultural city tick as our guys have been with us for over 10 years and are highly experienced in Jewish culture and Russian life.

We are thrilled to also visit Finland on this incredible cruise. Helsinki is such a gorgeous waterfront city. You walk through the streets and you feel how vibrant this culture is. One of our favorite tour guides is going to take us through the Jewish culture in Finland through the ages.

One of my personal favorite cities on this Jewish heritage tour is Stockholm. As you drive into the Port you will see the truly magnificent little islands. The architecture is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. We may have time to visit the Ice Bar, the Vasa Museum, the castles, the main Synagogues and possibly a little bit of shopping. We truly fill up every single day and we aim to make this the dream Jewish vacation of a lifetime. Every passenger that sells with Kosherica always tells us that is the best vacation I’ve ever had. We aim to please our customers and strive constantly to make sure that you have an unforgettable Glatt Kosher cruise experience.