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Patsy Anne: The Legendary Greeter of Alaska

Patsy Anne: The Legendary Greeter of Alaska 625 448 Sarity Gervais

Families always join us on our Kosherica, Glatt Kosher Alaska Cruises. One story that kids love to hear are the stories that involve the beautiful dogs of Alaska.

With its wild landscapes, rich history, and distinct cultures, Alaska has no shortage of fascinating tales. One such story is the heartwarming legend of Patsy Anne, the canine greeter of Juneau. She wasn’t a sled dog, nor did she help with hunting or fishing. Instead, she became renowned for her incredible intuition and loyal, loving nature.

Who was Patsy Anne?

Born in the early 1920s, Patsy Anne was a white bull terrier who came to Juneau, Alaska’s capital, as a pup. Though she was deaf from birth, this did not impede her ability to connect with her surroundings or the people in it. She soon became a local celebrity, earning the title of “Official Greeter of Juneau.”

Her Special Talent

One of the most remarkable things about Patsy Anne was her unerring ability to know when ships were coming into port long before they were visible to the human eye. Despite her deafness, she would position herself at the harbor, eagerly awaiting the incoming ships. The sight of Patsy Anne, with her tail wagging in greeting, became a cherished welcome for the crew and passengers alike.

A Symbol of Unity and Community

The townsfolk of Juneau took Patsy Anne to their hearts. She wasn’t just a pet or a stray but an emblem of community spirit. On numerous occasions, when Patsy Anne faced health issues or other challenges, the community rallied together to support her.
In 1934, the mayor officially named Patsy Anne the “Official Greeter of Juneau,” a title she held and justified until her death. Though she belonged to no one, she was cherished by everyone. She was allowed to roam freely around the town, with businesses even setting up bowls of water and food for her.


Patsy Anne passed away in 1942, but her memory is still alive. In 1992, a bronze statue of her was unveiled at the Juneau waterfront, capturing her in her favorite position: ears perked up and alert, looking out towards the water, forever waiting for the next ship.
For many, the statue is a tribute to a beloved dog and a symbol of the Juneau spirit. Patsy Anne’s story is a testament to the close-knit nature of the community and how a simple, kind-hearted soul can touch the lives of many.


In a world that often seems too vast and disconnected, stories like that of Patsy Anne remind us of the beauty of community and the bonds that tie us together. Her legacy in Juneau is a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most profound connections are forged in the most unexpected places by the most unexpected beings.
When disembarking in Juneau, there she’ll wait, reminding us of the innate goodness manifested in a chaotic world. Please make sure you let us know if you see her on your next Kosherica sailing.