Kosherica’s June 27th, 2023 Mediterranean Glatt Kosher cruise

Kosherica’s June 27th, 2023 Mediterranean Glatt Kosher cruise 625 448 Sarity Gervais

If you are taking Kosherica’s June 27th, 2023 Mediterranean Glatt Kosher cruise that departs from Rome we highly recommend you check out some of the fun sites below. Rome is a delightful city for the Kosher Jewish Traveler. Rome has a small but vibrant Jewish community, and there are several options for kosher dining and exploring Jewish heritage in the city. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Kosher Restaurants: Rome has a few kosher restaurants that offer traditional Jewish cuisine. These establishments adhere to strict kosher standards and are certified by the local Jewish community. Some popular kosher restaurants in Rome include Ba’Ghetto, BellaCarne Kosher Restaurant, and Sora Margherita.
  2. Jewish Ghetto: Rome’s Jewish Ghetto, known as “Ghetto Ebraico,” is a historic neighborhood where the Jewish community has resided for centuries. It’s a significant cultural and historical area with narrow streets, synagogues, kosher bakeries, and shops. Take a walk through this district to experience the rich Jewish heritage of Rome.
  3. Great Synagogue of Rome: The Great Synagogue, also called Tempio Maggiore, is one of the largest synagogues in Europe and a must-visit for those interested in Jewish history. Located in the Jewish Ghetto, this stunning synagogue is open to visitors and offers guided tours.
  4. Jewish Museum of Rome: Adjacent to the Great Synagogue, you’ll find the Jewish Museum of Rome. It showcases the history, culture, and traditions of the Jewish community in Rome through various exhibits and artifacts. The museum provides valuable insights into the Jewish experience in the city.
  5. Kosher Food Stores: In addition to kosher restaurants, you can find kosher food products and ingredients in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto. These stores offer a variety of kosher items, including meat, dairy, bread, and wine. Some notable kosher food stores in Rome include Alimentari Boccione and Kosher Bistrot.
  6. Shabbat Services: If you’re interested in attending Shabbat services while in Rome, you can visit one of the synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto.
    • a. Great Synagogue of Rome (Tempio Maggiore): The Great Synagogue is the main Jewish house of worship in Rome and caters to different Jewish denominations, including Orthodox. It has regular services and is a hub for Jewish religious and cultural activities.
    • b. Synagogue Beth Shlomo: This synagogue is located near the Great Synagogue and serves as a center for Orthodox Jewish worship and community events. It follows traditional Orthodox practices and hosts daily prayer services.
    • c. Chabad Lubavitch of Rome: Chabad Lubavitch is an Orthodox Jewish movement with a presence in Rome. They have a synagogue and community center that offers Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, and various educational programs. The Chabad community in Rome is known for its outreach efforts and welcoming visitors.

It’s important to note that specific details about kosher establishments, operating hours, and services may change over time. Therefore, I recommend contacting the restaurants, synagogues, and museums directly or checking their websites for the most up-to-date information before planning your trip.