Kosher Riverboat Cruise



Kosherica is thrilled to offer its first ever Jewish Heritage Riverboat Cruise featuring Rabbi Weil in the summer of 2021. We will be sailing on a gorgeous brand-new ship that will be completed in 2021. You will be stepping onto one of the newest riverboats to ever be built. Many people ask what the differences between a riverboat and a regular cruise ship are are. Below are some of the differences:

  1. Our particular riverboat will only accommodate about 80 passengers. Ocean liners can hold thousands of people. The plus side is you’ve got a more intimate atmosphere and everyone really gets to know each other without the intrusion of other guests. On the negative side, you do not get all the amenities that a large cruise ship offers such as Broadway style shows, nonstop entertainment and a chance to escape from the
    group. When we host our Annual Jewish Music Festival at Sea – you get the nonstop Jewish entertainers, singers and activities that we can provide in a larger setting. The key is to really ask yourself what appeals to you and know that Kosherica can provide both options in an incredible highly professional setting with 5-star service.
  2. Most people say riverboat cabins are smaller. However, on our particular riverboat the cabins are actually bigger. We are excited because we are going to be traveling on a five-star riverboat ship. Most riverboats feel cramped, but this river boat is stunning. Also make sure to ask for a room with a window that fully opens to the gorgeous views. On big cruise ships you can also ask for huge rooms such as a Haven suite that are like a full apartment. However, the standard size is also perfect enough. Remember, we hope that you will be in your room for a very limited time!
  3. Itineraries tend to be a little bit more port intensive on a riverboat sailing. You will literally be able to see people walking along the banks while you’re sailing. In addition, we have the option to play around with where we dock. On this riverboat sailing, we’re going to make some amazing stops in places such as Vienna and Budapest where you will get to spend the night there and explore all night activities without the fear of missing the ship. In Vienna for instance we’re going to explore incredible cultural music venues and possibly the nightlife. When we sail the Danube, you will be able to see how people live on a day-to-day basis.
  4. The shore excursions that we provide on a cruise are very similar to ones we provide on a riverboats because they’re both incredibly thorough. We spare no expense and ensure that you get to see all the major cultural sites and Jewish sites on each tour. People are sailing with us because they want a comprehensive five-star luxury Glatt Kosher experience. We spare no expense with our excursions. We figure – if you’re traveling this far away you should be able to see all the major sites of the location that you are traveling to! You can view more of our riverboat cruise and ocean liner cruise experiences here.