Kosher Cruise the Baltics this Summer!

Kosher Cruise the Baltics this Summer! 350 262 Sarity Gervais

Kosherica is going to spend two days in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer!! Our unbelievable Baltics Kosher cruise will start on Wednesday, August 14 and end on August 23. The cruise will feature stops in Copenhagen Berlin Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and return to Copenhagen. This cruise is filled with tremendous jewish history and culture.

The most exciting part of the cruise is the fact that will be in St. Petersburg for two whole days. There nothing more exciting then spending the night in this historic city and being able to discover the rich history without rushing. It would be an utter shame to just rush this place. You can spend a whole day in the hermitage alone! We are thrilled to give our guests VIP tours of Catherine’s Palace, the great Synagogue, the Hermitage, peterhoff Palace, the main shopping district and incredible canal rides. We literally spend each and every moment over the two days searching for a deeper understanding to why this city ticks. We are also very fortunate to have a hands on talk and concert with the local Jewish community.

Among other wonderful adventures on this cruise tour are our private jewish excursions to every single destination that this cruise stops at. We have found the very best tour guides in each of the cities and have created very specific tours that highlight the important jewish cultural and historic sites in addition to general interest sites. Everyone leaves this cruise always mesmerized and amazed with the in depth experience of this cruise.

Let us know if you ever traveled the baltics and what were some of your favorite experiences.

Bon voyage!