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Is there really such a thing as a Magic Day to score Cheap Tickets?

Is there really such a thing as a Magic Day to score Cheap Tickets? 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Wherever you turn you’ll find empirical pronouncements from sources who claim to know where the magic bullet hides of when to score cheap flight tickets. Many publications are enthused about wanting to share the secret they came upon: Tuesday is the day to save a bundle. Then there are those who claim Wednesday is bargain day. Last December, Expedia and the Airline Reporting Corporations declared that indubitably buying your ticket on the weekend will save you enough cash to buy a pair of Louis Vuittons.

George Hobbica, who founded the deal alert company, says the variables are so many that the day of the week dwarfs in the face of upcoming holidays, the particular route and the level of competing airlines on that particular route. Then there is the Super Bowl or a highly publicised and popular convention. He points out that legitimate travel sites such as Travelzoo and Kayak place fare calendars within the reach of travellers and alert us to low fares and deep discounted sales – not on a particular day of the week but rather randomly. For example, a flight on Virgin Airlines on a recent Thursday offered flights for $540 to Heathrow airport in London or $504 from Newark. An economy flight danced between $800-900, then suddenly sunk to $680. He observes that airlines constantly tweak fares and to make a scientifically correct prediction would be an exercise in futility.

Keep an eye on private sales and email alerts. Some are super discounted and maybe different before lunch than after. Remember that if you find a deal – grab it because it might go down slightly but most likely it will head in the opposite direction. If you travel often then sign up for price alerts even after you bought your ticket. Go to and sign up for free notifications should the price you paid drop. If the price drop is greater than the airline change, call the airline and the difference is yours. Plus, if the price drops and you booked within 24 hours then cancel the booking free of charge and rebook at the new lower fare. I recently bought my tickets to Atlantis for Kosherica’s Passover program. My ticket literally dropped $80 per way. I was able to cancel and scored an all-time low price for my vacation to Paradise Island.

Let us know about any sites or strategies you love for finding great flight deals!