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How to Pass Through TSA Security Quickly and Easily

How to Pass Through TSA Security Quickly and Easily 724 482 Sarity Gervais
  1. Shoes and belts – these are the things that will trip up the alarm, especially the well-made boots and booties. I learned not to wear belts with metal in them and if I have one with a cool buckle, I take it off ahead of time.
  2. Check, then check again before you zip up your carry on and personal bags. I lost expensive scissors because TSA said it’s going to the trash unless I dare to miss my flight. The last trip I had an electric drill I slipped in my bag at the last minute before my move to California and it was confiscated mercilessly.
  3. Definitely get rid of water containers. Drink all you can then discard the bottle in the trash before you get to the TSA line.
  4. How many of us have had the misfortune of carrying the biggest tub of La Mer or equally precious cream taken away or declared too large? Put everything liquid and creamy in a small, travel size container, one that will close hermetically so as not to spill your expensive lotions and potions during flight due to air-pressure.
  5. Have all your travel documents and boarding passes ready before entering the line. Later, place your passport or other ID in a safe inside zipper pocket and have the boarding pass handy but safe in an easily accessible outside zipper or pocket. You’ll need it again after passing security.
  6. I have a Platinum American Express card which comes with a VIP pass. It allows me to stand in the short line and be dealt with right away. It’s not cheap but definitely worth it &ndash airport lounges filled with fruit, vegetables, beverages, device chargers and newspapers or magazines. Mainly, I’m impatient, particularly with waiting in line. It also allows me to be one of the first people to board so I don’t have to drag my luggage down the crowded airplane aisles.
  7. At most checkpoints people are asked to step out of their wheel chair. Babies are requested to be taken out of their bassinet and puppies from their little cannel. If you have a doctor’s note, signed and stamped, much of the above can be prevented. The puppy though, will likely have to come out and his/her cannel to be examined and x-rayed.
  8. Don’t ever make jokes which the TSA will most likely take seriously. If you say something about terrorists or guns or anything to awaken suspicion &ndash you might be very sorry. And very late for your flight.
  9. Ahah! Forgot one important, yet innocent sin. You come home from a tropical island and your bag is full of luscious, exotic fruit. The best there is! The TSA will take it from you in most places, holding up the line and you. Bringing fruit or any food is forbidden!!!!!
  10. Be sweet and friendly with these people who work so hard because unfortunately, most people are hostile or even worse, ignoring their existence. They so appreciate a &ldquohello&rdquo, &ldquohow are you&rdquo, &ldquothank you&rdquo and a smile. And best of all, it’s free.