How did Kosherica become the World’s Premier Luxury Glatt Kosher Company?

How did Kosherica become the World’s Premier Luxury Glatt Kosher Company? 400 533 Sarity Gervais

The Story of the Leaders in Kosher Travel

For over a Quarter of a Century Kosherica made Kosher travel innovative, ground-breaking and a wonderful way to see the world while eating Glatt Kosher cuisine made by the finest chefs. Suppose anyone ever wondered about the roots of Kosherica Luxury Glatt Kosher Cruises and Resorts. In that case, they’d find a bold, pioneering history. Over 30 years ago, when Kosher travel was not accessible to most, the owners of Kosherica went on a regular 7 day cruise. They had to eat the customary tray of pre-frozen, tin foil-clad meals that were inedible. After three days of eating these frozen meals they left the ship and made a commitment to revolutionizing the way Jews experience Kosher travel. There was no reason to eat like a pauper in the most fascinating destinations. You could see the world and also experience Glatt Kosher culinary delights in an elegant and high end way. No longer were the paper plates the only plate about elegant service on porcelain plates? No longer was food wrapped in foil or tuna in cans the only way to travel for a religious Jew.. How about delicious Glatt Kosher gourmet meals? 

You dreamt of exploring the world in high style, but your spiritual ties to the Jewish Laws of Kashrut made it impossible. Regardless of a person’s wealth, going on a lengthy ‘Luxury Kosher Cruise’ back in the day was a mere fantasy. You would have had to rent the ship’s kitchen and dining room at an exorbitant price. Make it Kosher. Bring pallets of your pots and pans, china glass, silverware and food. Hire private kosher chefs and a group of Mashgiachim. Fly them in and accommodate them all. Rent out rooms for minyanim and find enough people for minyanim. Really? Who would go to such length?

This was all very daunting but Yehuda Shifman decided to go on that path and over the past 30 years he perfected that journey and made it accessible to thousands of Jews all over the world.

How did Kosherica get its name? The Shifmans always loved Costa Rica. The combination of Kosher and Rica gave birth to the highly respected Kosherica name. 

What is Kosherica known for? Kosherica is known for providing the Jewish Travelers with the finest kosher food combined with outstanding customer service. Kosherica prides themselves in sparing no expense for the finest cuts of meats, chickens and fish. The finest proteins that include Chalov Yisroel options. Fresh baked breads, deserts that make your mouth water and produce that comes from the best suppliers.  Combine this with extraordinary gourmet chefs worldwide and you have a winning combination. 

The entire company’s daily mission is to give Kosher travelers seeking Jewish vacations the experience of a lifetime. The company is committed to ensuring that guests leave happy, satiated and full of incredible memories. The cruises have ports of call most of us have dreamt of visiting. Imagine sitting at dinner after a day in Venice, bowled over by the city’s beauty. A gondola ride and a visit to the Jewish Ghetto. So much to see and talk about as you eat the best food you’ve ever tasted. Polite and discreet service by waiters who notice when a glass is half full. 

Kosherica’s ability to continuously deliver excellence results from a passionately motivated core element. The management, most of whom seem to hardly sleep, give their all to their family, guests, and employees, who are treated like extended family. There is fantastic loyalty and devotion among members of the company, a thing which likely contributes to the result. In a past blog, I noted that they keep raising the bar on the expanse of their offerings. Their striving to provide unforgettable experiences of beauty, elegance, and the greatest ‘Kosher Cuisine’ is legendary. Picking the most luxurious resorts and cruise liners. Adding more locations to the itinerary of their already vast portfolio of cruises. The Jewish traveler must look no further to have the perfect ‘Chicken Soup for the Kosher Soul.’ 

Following some management for a few days, I realized that keeping such a high standard is a non-stop pursuit. On the phone, securing the most outstanding scholars for the trip, discussing menus with world-class chefs, and having rabbinical supervision of the highest degree. Overnight meetings on the other side of the world to establish relationships. And doing it all with a smile and so much love and excitement  one would think it was a brand-new enterprise.

As a final thought, the Glatt Kosher food is also Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel. 

If you want to experience Glatt Kosher luxury at its’ best, Kosherica is it. Their cruises and retreats keep expanding to cover the entire planet, and their offerings are spectacular beyond description. For a list of all the trips, visit