Get the Most out of Traveling with Kosherica Kosher Luxury Cruises

Get the Most out of Traveling with Kosherica Kosher Luxury Cruises 252 357 Sarity Gervais

The Loyalty Program at Kosherica Luxury Kosher Cruises and Resorts is here to give you even more. Is it possible you may ask? The answer is a resounding Yes! The exquisite joy of Kosher travel and hospitality has become even more delightful: Kosherica, the Premier purveyor of Glatt Kosher Cruises and retreats, now double-rewards you. First and foremost, it provides the best vacations and cruises for discerning Jews. A reward which in and of itself is enormous. A sensory delight with high class lodgings and food to blow your mind. Cruises which cover all corners of the globe aboard the most celebrated vessels. Great company, entertainment and long-lasting memories. A huge reward for the price of a ticket. Not to forget the Passover retreats in some of the grandest resorts and spas. And of course, it’s all Kosher, joy- filled, educational and uplifting. When you give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a marvelous cruise or a Passover retreat, the Loyalty Program of Kosherica, this next -level company will give you an extra bonus – Travel points. Not unlike my platinum credit cards, the cruise and retreat dollars you’ve spent will accumulate points in your personal account.

Every scrumptious trip and vacation will entitle you to credits which will be applicable toward your future cruises and programs.

The way this works is simple. Sign up by emailing Aliza at

[email protected].

Your account is then created and you can start collecting those precious points right away.

Family members and travel companions are included, as long as they are on your invoice. Just remember to mention your membership number on every booking to add the new points into your account.

There are two status levels: Gold and Platinum.

There are extra goodies to be had with the program.

To qualify for the Gold level, you’d have to spend $75,000.

Gold members receive a pre-cruise gift and a delicious complimentary Kosher bottle of wine.

To qualify for Platinum membership, you’d have to have spent $150,000.

The Platinum membership entitles you to a pre-cruise gift. There will also be a surprise Kosherica gift awaiting in your cabin. This is a VIP welcome gift to honor our most loyal clients.

There is a $100 excursion or spa credit per cruise. You’ll also get a complimentary bottle of wine every night on board and of course, priority seating.

While you are living the life, enjoying World Class Glatt Kosher cuisine and traveling the globe in style, you’re building up credit towards future cruises and retreats.

There is another point of interest. If you have been amassing points on cruise or Passover program since January 2015, Kosherica will grandfather those points into the new Loyalty Program. Just for clarity, the owner of the points is the payee whose name is on the invoice. It is possible to transfer points but make sure to contact Kosherica directly before you do so.

Be sure to take advantage of this new feature. Our Loyalty customers are treated like Royalty.