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From Amsterdam to Scotland and Iceland on Kosherica Glatt Kosher Cruise

From Amsterdam to Scotland and Iceland on Kosherica Glatt Kosher Cruise 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Kosherica, the leader in luxury Glatt kosher cruises and retreats is proud to announce a most unusual and magnificent cruise, headed to Scotland and Iceland.

Boarding in Amsterdam, a city of great charm and uniqueness, one filled with the best in art, culture and history. The 14-day cruise is proceeded by a magnificent extra bonus that is being offered pre-cruise to Kosherica guests &ndash a walking tour of Jewish Amsterdam. It includes a visit to the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Museum. During the tour, you will get to revisit the history of the Jews in this city, harkening back to the 17th century, filled with what I deem a treasure trove of information.

A word to the wise &ndash make sure to bring clothes that can be layered for varying weather conditions. Though the cruise is in mid-August 2018, the weather in Scotland and Iceland tends to vary greatly. 55-70 degrees, at times rainy and windy, at others sunny and mild, so be prepared. A warm sweater and a waterproof coat or jacket, hat and gloves, umbrella and comfortable walking shoes.

A visit to will give you more info on the 10-day forecast.

Now the big surprise &ndash the ship ms Prisendam, one of the most glorious boats in the world, otherwise known as the &ldquoElegant Explorer&rdquo, was designed specially to explore rare and exotic corners of the world. It is known for her long-range exotic itineraries, most notable of them the 100-day World Voyage. The ship has splendidly completed all

Signature of Excellence to her staterooms and public rooms. With glistening, polished woodwork, marble flooring, an exquisite sculpture mid-ship extending three stories high, this compact luxury ship accommodates 800 passengers and has the look of an intimate super yacht with the spaciousness of a large cruise ship.

There is an air of old time class and rarified elegance to this ship, very different from any other giant ships which sail the oceans. Yet from the point of stability and security, this one is just as solid as a rock and its long itineraries tell the tale of its invincibility.

As the trip begins you will spend a day at sea meeting your travel mates and discovering the best glatt kosher food you have ever had. The first few stops are in Scotland and the highlights are the castles in Edinburgh. If you are that way inclined you could book a shore excursion and visit the Highlands of Scotland, go to Loch Ness and marvel at the rolling green meadows. Maybe even catch a sight of the Loch Ness Monster&hellip..

Next is Faroe Islands. Torshavn, Djupivugur and Akureyri. The boat will circle around here and you’ll be able to watch from the ship the most amazing places, even when you can’t go on a shore cruise. This is the tip of a most magnificent country (population 300,000) and this particular section is considered the last Paradise for Sport fishing. Magnificent green pastures, waterfalls and whale filled bays &ndash a magic filled place, unspoiled by humans. A charming harbor surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It is also home to the geothermal Myvatn Bath. It truly makes your heart sing.

The next exciting stop is of course Reykjavik, where the ship stays for two days.

This is the capital and the largest city in Iceland. There is so much to see and marvel at. Even if you don’t move out of the city, there is enough to fill a week’s worth of things to see and do. The world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state &ndash it is the heart of Iceland’s cultural and artistic pulse.

There is so much to mention, such as the amazing phenomena of the warm geothermal Blue Lagoon. It seems like something out of a fairy tale but it’s real and is beautiful while it also has healing qualities. The aurora borealis which happens year-round but is best caught in the winter. The brightly painted houses, the arts and crafts manufactured locally. The Bay surrounded by mountains and dolphins and whales which are often seen in the water. I could go on and on. Then the Glaciers, like the magical Eyjafjalla Glacier and the sudden bursts of warm steam from the earth. It’s a country full of wonder and people smiling happily, making beautiful fashionable knit ware and art.

I wonder if one blog can do this place justice.

One thing I know for sure. This is a trip you will never forget.