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Fascinating Facts About Dubai

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Kosherica is thrilled that Dubai is opening up after the historic deal to normalize relationships with Israel. Dubai is now opening air travel, tourism and incredible opportunities for kosher travelers to explore this glamorous region. We are thrilled to provide Glatt Kosher Gourmet food to our Jewish travelers in the years to come.


Interestingly, Dubai was a small desert town only 50 years ago. It has now developed into a vibrant city which has now become the business and cultural center in this region. Many people think of Dubai and automatically they think of luxury shopping, lively nightlife, and modern architecture. One of the tallest buildings in the world is the Burj Khalifa. There is constant development and innovation. Most of the buildings are over the over-the-top and absolutely gorgeous.


Kosherica is fortunate to be one of the first Jewish companies that Dubai is negotiating terms to provide Glatt Kosher food for our Jewish clientele over 2021, 2022 and 2023. Kosherica has incredibly strong relationships with some of the most prominent hotels in Dubai. Our existing knowledge of running a resort with absolute professionalism and authority gives us an edge over anyone else exploring this region. Below are some incredible and interesting facts about Dubai.


Where is Dubai:

The United Arab Emirates is an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly along the Persian or Arabian Gulf. The country includes Seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm, Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah). Each Emmert has its own king otherwise known as a Sheikh.



The main Dubai airport is Dubai International.


When was it founded?

Dubai was originally founded in 1833. Back then it was a small fishing settlement. In the 1980s and 1990s it started to develop into a world-class tourist destination. In 30 years, Dubai went from a tiny little village in the middle of the desert with hardly any infrastructure to a cosmopolitan destination.


How many people visit a Dubai?

On average 14 million tourists visit Dubai. It’s an incredibly young city where the average age is between 25 to 34. Only 15% of the Dubai population is over 45.


What is the currency?

The currency in Dubai is the UAE dirham. This is the same currency as the rest of the UAE.


What is the weather like?

The weather is generally quite arid. Summer can reach 45°C. This is considered the hot season. That season generally lasts from May to September. The more desirable time to go is December through March. The climate there is a pleasant temperature ranging from 13°C to 30°C.


What language do people speak?

Arabic is the official language but many people are quite fluent in English.


Check your medication before going on all trips.

Most countries do consider narcotics to be illegal. The same holds true in the UAE. Many over the counter medicines that contain codeine or might also be an issue. In order to avoid any issues, we recommend caring a doctor’s note or a prescription. Keep medicine in the original packaging and only take an appropriate quantity for the length of your trip. You can get more information at www.moH.GOV.Ae.



The UAE has strict laws and cultural behaviors that they expect its visitors to respect. They generally dress modestly and they don’t enjoy offensive language, spitting, aggressive behavior or outward displays of affection.


Fun Dubai Facts:

Dubai has an artificial palm island that has enough sand to fill the Empire State building almost 3 times.


The Emirates has one of the world’s lowest crime rates.


The police force in Dubai all use supercars that are some of the most expensive police cars in the world.


So much construction is happening in Dubai that almost 25% of all cranes in the world located there.


The majority of Dubai’s population is foreign. Many people come in to service this incredible new location.


There are ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold. Dubai loves gold!