Fall Foliage Kosherica Luxury Cruise from New York City

Fall Foliage Kosherica Luxury Cruise from New York City 252 169 Sarity Gervais

Kosherica, the leader in Kosher cruises and retreats worldwide has a new surprise for their customers. The innovative Kosherica is proud to announce their amazing, exciting, brand new offering: You no longer have to fly far from home to go on a Luxury Glatt Kosher Cruise. Finally, Kosherica and Norwegian Cruise Lines partnered to provide the best cruising adventure with the least effort. Jewish travelers based in the New York City will now have the comfort of hopping a cab ride to the Manhattan Seaport and in no time they will be on the way to explore amazing destinations such as Halifax, Nova Scotia, New England, Bermuda and more. For those of us who’d rather not spend most of a day flying to Fort Lauderdale or Miami for boarding their ship – this is the ideal solution!

You’ll board the exquisite NCL Escape, one of the most newest and most luxurious ships in the world. The Escape was voted in 2017 as Ship of the Year by Ocean and Cruise News. Aside from being magnificently beautiful and comfortable, their white glove service is classy, the attendants are always smiling, unobtrusive and helpful. You’ll feel pampered and revel in the luxury of this Kosher Cruise.

There are nightly Tony Award-winning Broadway shows, comedy clubs, musical revues, music and lots of fun. For daytime fun there is an incredible Aqua Park, a Sports Complex, mini golf course and of course a full menu spa.

The incredible Kosher food is served in the private dining room, reserved for Kosherica guests only.

This Cruise departs on October 7th and is an adventure of beauty, exploring the fall foliage in the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of Northern America.

Before we go any further, it must be said that all of the food is prepared fresh daily and beautifully served. It is Glatt Kosher, chalav yisroel and pas yisroel under the supervision of a team of mashgichim and a Rav Hamachshir.

The gourmet chefs that Kosherica employs are brilliantly creative. These five-star food artists dream up culinary masterpieces to thrill every taste bud. Breakfast and lunch often consist of a multi-stationed lavish buffet, with a huge variety of salads, cheeses, smoked fish accompanied by freshly baked breads and pastries. Dinner is a multi-course celebration of taste, color and delicious scent. There are several choices for the different courses to suit every palate. Some people choose to try every option and then go back for seconds.

It’s being said repeatedly that Kosherica food is simply irresistible. Since it’s also plentiful and you can go for seconds and thirds, the only concern people may have is their expanding waistlines! In this case it’s truly worth it. You might enjoy working some of it off in Sports Complex or the Aqua Club. You will also expend energy at the shore excursions, should you decide to take a walking tour.

Just in case you get hungry between meals, Kosherica guests are served an afternoon tea plus a late-night snack.

Any special dietary needs will be addressed, and alternatives will be provided if need be. If you have any food allergies, please notify the staff and you’ll be safely provided for.

There are three minyanim daily. Kosherica brings a Sefer Torah on board for minyanim and Shabbat and also provides a daily daf yomi, often with great guest lecturers. Some of these people are so captivating and profoundly knowledgeable they’ll bring you even closer to your spiritual side. If you are fortunate to have one on your ship, do not miss the elation of being in their presence.

Shabbat is kept sacred with every detail tended to. It is an uplifting experience on a Kosherica.Cruise. There are designated elevators that stop on every deck so you needn’t push buttons. Magnets are provided to use for the doors instead of the electronic key card. Even flushing toilets is taken care of. Then comes erev Shabbat with a beautiful candle lighting and uplifting davening in the shul. After davening is over, everyone makes their way to the dining room for Shabbat dinner which awaits with freshly baked challah on every table, wine for kiddush, a five-course meal which may include traditional matza ball soup, gefilte fish and amongst many other options such as a scrumptious brisket like Bubby used to make.

For 25 hours you’ll enjoy and delight in the magic that Kosherica provides – kiddush after davening, a full Shabbat lunch spread including fresh salads, cholent, kugel, mouthwatering desserts and so much more.

The day can be spent being with friends, reading and soaking in the peace and beauty of the seascape and coastline

The Escape’s first stop is on Tuesday, October 9th in Portland, Maine.

For a mere $24 you can take a guided tour aboard a covered antique fire engine. The first tour takes off at 10am so make sure to book ahead. It’s a 3-hour tour and will give you a good insight into Maine. If the weather is warm you’ll see the changing colors of fall: trees covered in stunning masses of red, burgundy, umber, orange and gold. Here is a link to additional information – https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g40827-d11474521-Narrated_

On Wednesday the stop is the very lovely Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s the largest town on the coast of Frenchman Bay and has a charm and history that makes it a highly desirable tourist spot. With lots of walking trails and quaint city streets and expensive mansions, it might be more comprehensive to take Oli’s Trolley (to book ahead call 207-288-9899) which uses old trolleys to go through forests, landmarks and while seated in your comfortable seat you’ll hear about the quirky characters and the area’s glorious past. If you choose to go it by foot, you won’t see all there is to see and you’ll miss out on the wonderful stories.

On Thursday the ship arrives in Saint John, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. It’s located in Canada’s east coast and is known for its extreme tides. Twice a day the tide advances and retreats by as much as 25 feet. It has a reverse waterfall as a result of the tides, whales abound in the water and there are lots of lighthouses – you might feel as if you went back a century or two in time.

For a comprehensive site about this lovely area I included the site below, which describes it perfectly. Culture, art and history included.


It’s Friday and the NCL Escape docks in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This city has a variety of things to see but the ship arrives at 10:00 am and being that it erev Shabbat, that will slightly shorten your stay. Practically speaking, the best way to see it all is to book an amphibious harbor hopper tour for $33 and get to splash around the harbor, then drive to important key points while you listen to your guide. Admittedly this is a shorthand visit of the place, but it will give you a taste and a James Bond like adventure. This is an unconventional method of transportation aboard a nifty, renovated war vehicle which travels in water and on land. You’ll see the city’s top attractions, see great panoramic views, glean lots of information from your knowledgeable guide. After the hour long ride you’ll have firsthand advice from your guide what to do in your remaining time (if you have any time or inclination).

Most important: Book Now to get on this amazing cruise and to book your shore excursions. If you book right away, you can choose great amenities such as free WIFI or Onboard Credit. Kosherica is rapidly filling up on this cruise – Book today!