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A Miraculously Beautiful Glatt Kosher Cruise – From Venice to Montenegro and the Greek Islands

A Miraculously Beautiful Glatt Kosher Cruise – From Venice to Montenegro and the Greek Islands 724 482 Sarity Gervais

The tour begins with a 5:00 pm embarkation in Venice, by far one of the most beautiful, mystical and romantic cities on the planet. An exquisite ancient city filled with grand Palazzos, marble stairways, art and history. Venice is floating atop canals and the Adriatic Sea. It’s main mode of transport, the famed Gondolas, glide about, Gondoliers often sing as they steer their vessel. There is so much beauty on which to feast the eyes, so much history to hasten one’s heartbeat. The five Synagogues from the ancient Jewish ghetto are perfectly intact and are the oldest anywhere in the world. There is so much to read and to know about Venice, some of which I wrote about in previous blogs you may want to visit. There is one about the Jewish Ghetto and its history, another, with a detailed account of a gondola building workshop, Venice history and art. Since the disembarkation point is also in Venice, you can head on to your incredibly delicious

Glatt Kosher dinner and when you have some free time you may wish to peruse.

Click HERE to read the previous blog about Venice that may interest you.

Now that you are comfortably settled in Kosherica’s welcoming embrace and your tummy is satiated from a meal to fit royalty, you are ready to embark on the most picturesquely stunning trip. For your information, the luxury and quality of food you’ll experience on this Glatt Kosher cruise often makes passengers wish for it to be a never-ending experience. The next day, after a delicious lunch, you arrive at the impossibly breathless beauty of Kotor, Montenegro. The cobblestoned streets, full of history and World heritage medieval structures, a bay which is altogether near surreal.

Departure is at 8:00pm with time to catch a show on board the beautiful Star, your Norwegian Cruise Liner.

Corfu is next. It’s the first Greek Island on this trip, stunningly beautiful, with heart stopping natural landscape, surrounded by crystal seas and an exquisitely preserved ‘Old Town’, a UNESCO World heritage site. It is full of ancient, beautifully elaborate Byzantine castles, Venetian fortresses and whitewashed houses. There is so much to see so much to know and for those of you who wish to dig deeper I’ll attach a link to my blog which deals with the history of highly cultured, beautiful Corfu and it’s less than beautiful history with antisemitism – click HERE to read more.

Santorin is perhaps the most outstandingly exquisite island in the whole country. Some go as far as to say, it’s up there in the top 5 of all the islands of the world and I tend to agree. The crescent-shaped island, also known as the ‘Pompeii of the Aegean’, Santorini (or Thira), is the most precious gem of the Aegean Sea.

Most interestingly, the whole island is built on an active volcano, and perhaps the only island in the world whose crater is in the middle of the sea.

Santorini is said to have the most beautiful sunset in the world and couples come here to wed from all over the globe.

Then there is the volcanic beach – so different and unique. Its seaside treasures have white, black and red sand or volcanic pebbles, sculpture-like stunning rock formations and a lunar landscape. The buildings close to the shore are whitewashed, some with blue capped roofs, to match the azure Aegean Sea.

After the amazingly delectable Glatt Kosher dinner the night before, you’ll sleep like a baby only to awaken on Thursday to the lovely sight of Mykonos. Windmills and blinding whitewashed houses decorate the shore line. The Island has fantastically gorgeous panoramic views, a Museum of Archeology and a spot called Little Venice, or Mikri Venetia, which is considered the most romantic and famous on the island. At sunset crowds gather at the little shops and galleries, artist come to paint the scene of humanity and nature at its happiest.