A Day in the Life of a Kosherica Cruiser

A Day in the Life of a Kosherica Cruiser 2048 2048 Sarity Gervais

I have been on many glatt kosher Kosherica cruises all over the world and the places that I have been able to see with my family and friends have been truly magical. Every time I meet someone looking to travel, I immediately start pouring my heart out about the incredible experience that I know they will have on their first Kosherica cruise.


One of the first questions that these potential guests ask is how everything works as far as the glatt kosher food, davening every day and more. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give all potential Kosherica guests a breakdown of what a day in the life of a Kosherica cruise looks like in a question and answer form:


  1. Are Kosherica guests able to access all of the facilities that the ship has to offer? YES! It’s important that our guests understand that all of the facilities of the cruise ship are open to Kosherica guests. You are guests of the cruise line as well as Kosherica so all of the lounges, cafes, activities, shows, etc. are available to ALL guests on board.
  2. Are there minyanim (services) every day? YES! On every Kosherica cruise vacation there are 3 minyanim (services) each day as well as a beautiful Shabbat services.
  3. What type of glatt kosher food will we be offered for breakfast each day? Every morning you will be treated with a beautiful glatt kosher breakfast buffet in our designated area of the dining room. You’ll have a huge variety of options to choose from – omelet stations, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly baked breads, croissants, muffins, hot cereal, cold cereal, pancakes, waffles, and so much more.
  4. Is there lunch served on board every day, even on port days when the ship is docked? YES! As far as lunch, Kosherica offers a large buffet lunch on board every day. Fresh salads as well as a full salad bar accompany a variety of hot items which change daily in addition to various action stations that change every day as well. Hot items include fish, pasta, vegetables, rice all with a unique twist so you will never be bored!
  5. What do we do for food if we have a full day excursion planned and we can’t make it back for lunch on board? As per international maritime law, Kosherica is not allowed to make a formal boxed lunch for our guests to take off the ship with them. With that said, we do hand out insulated lunch boxes at the beginning of your cruise and at each stop where the ship is at port for the day – you will find at breakfast a variety of sandwich breads, spreads, baked goods and snacks that you can pack up and take with you for the day if you choose to.
  6. What type of dinner service is it? Buffet or off a menu? Kosherica’s glatt kosher dinner is a 5-star gourmet plated dinner that you will never forget. It’s like dining at a new high-end glatt kosher restaurant every single night of the week. Your menu will consist of a choice of hot and cold appetizer, soup, salad, main and dessert. Your main course options will be a choice of beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian option and of course you can always choose more than one! You will leave the dining room feeling satisfied and amazed that such incredible high quality, glatt kosher cuisine is available on a luxury cruise ship.
  7. Is there food served at any other times than meal times? YES! We offer light refreshments (tea, coffee, cookies and fruit) in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and then after dinner as well.
  8. How does Shabbat work on board? Kosherica offers full Shabbat programming – minyanim, traditional shabbat meals and inspiring lectures and shiurim.


All in all, a glatt kosherica cruise vacation with Kosherica is the trip of a lifetime for so many reasons including the one listed above. We can’t wait to see you on board soon!