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9 Tips to Staying Strong and Healthy when you Travel

9 Tips to Staying Strong and Healthy when you Travel 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Few things will disrupt a trip more than getting sick. Even the most exciting places lose their luster when one is sick. If you’re not feeling the full effects of whatever is percolating in your body, merely being in the beginning stages can sap our energy and interfere with the full enjoyment of the trip.

Here are 9 steps to be well and healthy while on a trip:

1. Pack your medication. If your doctor back home prescribed medications, make certain you bring them. Before you leave check again and don’t ever put the precious medications in your suitcase. They must be in your purse or hand luggage.

2. Take Vitamins and exercise regularly. This will ensure that you are always at your best.

3. Wash your hands frequently. Make sure to do this before meals and after touching public surfaces (door-knobs banisters, elevator button) in public places.

4. Visualize yourself as being a healthy and vibrant person. Stay away from people that are constantly talking about being sick. The negative energy is more contagious then a cold!

5. Make sure you’re hydrated. Drink large amounts of fluids at all times to flush out and purify your system.

6. Eat a well-balanced diet. Prior to travel, cut out empty calories, sugar, white bread or other empty carbs which turn to sugar. Make it easy for yourself by the promise of yummy things to eat while traveling.

7. Dress appropriately for temperature or climate condition. Even in summer, super air conditioned spaces may be able to invoke a cold. Be ready to throw a wrap or light jacket over your summer attire.

8. Build up your immune system against any and all sickness by regular sleep and reducing stress. Breathe, meditate, and take short power naps. A tired body is more prone to be vulnerable to sickness.

9. Check in with a functional doctor if you are constantly getting sick. There is a new movement that says having a compromised intestinal gut leads to all sorts of inflammation and sickness.

Now leave all this sick talk behind. Go forth with a healthy mind-set and have the best travel experience ever! Does anyone have any good tips for staying strong and healthy?