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Is Bigger Always Better? Take the Boat vs Ship Personality Challenge to see what type cruise fits your personality!

Is Bigger Always Better? Take the Boat vs Ship Personality Challenge to see what type cruise fits your personality! 625 448 Sarity Gervais

Is Bigger Always Better? Take the Boat vs Ship Personality Challenge to see what type cruise fits your personality!

We have talked a lot about the differences between riverboats and larger cruise ships because there are so many fascinating aspects and pluses to both options. In this blog we are going to explore how one’s preference for one over the other really comes down to your personality!


  • Are you someone who prefers intimate areas or wide-open spaces?

On our kosher river cruises, you will find a more intimate and cozy feeling. On a smaller sailing, such as a kosher riverboat cruise, there are fewer staterooms and smaller meeting areas which gives the entire sailing a much more intimate feel which many people love. If you fall into this category, then you will love our kosher riverboat cruise.

On the other side of that are our large cruise ships such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. These ships feel like resorts floating on water. You almost don’t even know that you are on a ship at all! There are tons of shops, clubs, lounges, bars, cafes, meeting rooms, game rooms and so much more. There are thousands of staterooms with a large variety to choose from. So, if you’re someone that always wants somewhere to be and somewhere to go – these are the ships for you!


  • Do you prefer to be right in the middle of all the action or do you prefer a quiet, simple environment?

The environment on a kosher river cruise on the Danube will have a very relaxed and tranquil vibe. Due to the smaller number of guests on board, there is less action and activity which results in a quieter and softer atmosphere. Many of our guests have expressed interest in being able to be on a cruise ship that has a more serene environment, so our kosher riverboat cruise is perfect for them!

The other side of this is the busy and exciting atmosphere that you will feel on a large cruise ship. Constantly being able to run to a show, bar, lounge or performance is what many guests crave for their vacation. If you are someone that loves to be right in the middle of all of the action, then a Kosherica cruise is perfect for you.


  • Are you the type of person that loves to meet lots of new people and be around large crowds or do you prefer a small, intimate group of travelers?

Guests that prefer a small, intimate close-knit group are perfect candidates for one of our kosher river cruises. You’ll be able to meet other kosher travelers in a small and intimate setting. So, if you prefer smaller groups in this intimate setting, then this is the river cruise for you.

On the other side of this are those guests that prefer to be with larger groups and have the opportunity to meet many more people. You’ll have large tables in the dining room filled with kosher travelers from all parts of the world and many opportunities to meet each and every one of them.


  • Do you prefer to disappear into the crowd and spend time on your own or with your significant other or do you prefer to be part of a group?

Our guests that prefer to do their “own thing” and spend time alone or with their spouse will truly enjoy our kosher river cruise. There will be plenty of time to enjoy quiet and relaxing time alone to take it all in every step of the way.

The other side of this are guests who prefer to be part of a larger group. For these guests, the larger group setting, and environment of a large cruise ship is more their cup of tea. They prefer to spend time with their friends (old and new) at meals, on shore excursions and during down time.


  • Are you the type of person that likes exploring the places that are off the beaten path or do you prefer the glitz and glamour of the more famous destinations around the world?

Guests that prefer to explore some of the more unknown and smaller ports around the world, our kosher river cruise sailing to Hungary in summer 2021 is perfect for you. Being on a smaller riverboat cruise allows the ship to visit ports such as Budapest and Vienna which the larger boats are not able to dock in.

On the other side of this is those guests that prefer to visit the “glitzier” ports around the world such as Rome, Florence and Russia. These are the more well-known ports around the world, and we have many kosher travelers that prefer these larger and busier ports for their kosher vacation.


The absolute BEST part of the above is that no matter where you fall on the spectrum – Kosherica has a kosher cruise for you! You can either choose one of our incredible sailings on a larger cruise line such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America or Royal Caribbean OR you can choose our incredible kosher riverboat cruise on the Danube. Either way, Kosherica has a vacation for ALL kosher travelers!


Below are some features of Kosher riverboat cruise –

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