Kosherica Kosher Travel in Arizona Resort for Passover Program 2022

Who Knew Kosher Travel Could Be So Exciting?

Who Knew Kosher Travel Could Be So Exciting? 600 330 Sarity Gervais

Why is Kosherica the First Place Anyone Goes to for a Glatt Kosher Cruise, Passover Resort or Kosher Vacation

Kosherica has been a household name for the past 25 years. Anyone who wants a world class Glatt Kosher travel experience knows that Kosherica is the place to go for the ultimate luxury Kosher Travel Vacation. In 2022, we have three magnificent Passover Resorts – Passover in Arizona, Passover in Florida and Passover in the Bahamas. Each resort has a completely different personality, but the quality is the same in terms of providing world-class Kosher Passover cuisine, unparalleled Jewish scholars and stunning entertainers and Passover kids programs. The Bahamas Passover hotel at the Atlantis resort is our go to for the Jewish traveler that wants an incredible beach vacation filled with every amenity you can possibly want. The Florida Passover Program is at the PGA Resort and Spa in West Palm Beach. This Passover program has been the number one Passover hotel in the US for the past 10 years and is known for its world class golf courses and stunning facilities. The Passover program in Arizona is located at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort where every single Passover room is a suite! Yes, that’s right – a suite! We cover every single Jewish travelers’ desires and whims!

Kosherica Kosher Travel in ArizonaDoes Kosherica Have Vacations for the Jewish Traveler When it’s Not Passover?

Yes, we do! Kosherica is thrilled to announce spectacular and exciting 2022 options for Glatt Kosher Cruises and Glatt Kosher Riverboats. We spared no expense when choosing Kosher Cruises and Kosher Riverboat sailings that meet our high standards of service, kashrut and quality. Every single Kosher Cruise and Kosher Riverboat is gorgeous, clean, world class and has great filtration systems in place, stringent cleaning protocols, strict employee protocols, and kitchens the meet our standards to run a world class Glatt Kosher cruise culinary operation.

Where are Kosherica’s Glatt Kosher Cruises and Glatt Kosher Riverboats Sailing in 2022 ?

One the most exciting places that Kosherica is going in 2022 is down the Danube on an ultimate Jewish Heritage Riverboat cruise with Rabbi Weil. This world class Jewish vacation will be leaving Passau, which is two hours away from Prague and then sailing to Vienna for two days, Budapest, Bratislava and then back to Passau. We will be exploring this region through the eyes of Rabbi Weil who is one of the most brilliant scholars we have been fortunate enough to have join us over the years. We are always mesmerized and inspired by his brilliance.
If you were looking for something a little bit more glamorous, we recommend one of our Iceland cruises. These stunning itineraries include multiple cities in England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Every day you will be mesmerized by the incredible beauty that each place has to offer.

Kosherica is also going on a gorgeous Greek Isles Kosher cruise that departs from Venice and goes to Santorini, Montenegro, Corfu, Mykonos, Argostoli and Dubrovnik. This is the kosher travel cruise to go on if you’re looking for something that is just stunning and truly relaxing. If you want to go on a Mediterranean Kosher cruise but are looking for a little bit more adventure, we highly recommend our greatest Mediterranean cities Kosher cruise. This magical cruise is a little bit more active as it explores some of the greatest cities in this part of Europe. The cruise departs from Rome and takes you to Naples, Florence/Pisa, Cannes, Corsica and Barcelona.

If you are looking for a Kosher cruise that is a favorite for most Jewish travellers and is in the US you can always go on our world class Alaska Kosher cruise in August 2022. Our Alaska Kosher Cruises take you from Seattle to Juneau, Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria, British Columbia. You will be mesmerized by stunning glaciers, unparalleled wildlife and the serenity of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Join Kosherica in 2022 at one of our amazing Kosher Passover Resorts and hotels, or on one of our Kosher Riverboats or Glatt Kosher Cruises. We look forward to hosting you on a world class Jewish Vacation.