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When To Book Your Passover Resort for 2023

When To Book Your Passover Resort for 2023 1012 578 Sarity Gervais

If you’re planning on booking a Kosherica Passover Program 2023, the best time to do it is now! Over the past five years, Kosherica has sold out of its Passover resorts, Kosher River Cruises, and Kosher cruises ships in record speed. “We just can’t hold on to inventory fast enough,” says Offy Shifman, one of the owners of Kosherica. “Thankfully, the moment we announce a Kosher program, the phones start ringing. People really associate quality with our brand and in this unpredictable world that means something”.

Passover 2023 will not be an exception. Kosherica is already seeing record bookings for its 2023 Passover Programs and Passover Resorts. The Atlantis Resort and Spa in the Bahamas is already 50% sold out and we are just in the middle of the summer! The PGA Passover Resort is also more than 60% sold out. People understand that it’s incredibly hard to get rooms at the last minute. Last year the waitlist for both resorts was so large that Kosherica had to close it down three months before Passover. Unfortunately many guests were left without a reputable hotel for Passover. If you are looking to book a vacation for Passover 2023…do it now.

2023 Passover programs are not the only things that are selling out early. Kosherica’s 2022 Kosher River Cruises sold out at record speed. “We just started advertising our 2023 Kosher River Cruises a year in advance to allow guests to see the options early enough,” says Offy Shifman. “We don’t want them to miss the boat”. Next year, Kosherica will be hosting a stunning Jewish Heritage Riverboat cruise down the Danube. It will be stopping in fascinating cities like Budapest (2 days), Vienna (2 days), Bratislava and Passau. A Glatt Kosher Rhine River Cruise will Immediately depart immediately after the Glatt Kosher Danube River cruise. The Rhine River Cruise will start in Amsterdam and be there for two days, then go to Basel, Switzerland, or Strasbourg, France, and  even Cologne/Worms/Frankfurt/Speyer in Germany. You can do one river cruise or get two river cruises for an incredible rate! Please, please make sure you book your cruise early in order to guarantee the best prices and the rooms that you desire.