When Does a Kosher Jewish Cruiser Feel Like Royalty?

When Does a Kosher Jewish Cruiser Feel Like Royalty? 200 200 Sarity Gervais

Admittedly, the title sounds a bit out there but the essence of it is in fact a true quote. “I feel like a king” said the smiling guest as he savored his delightful meal in the dining room of the Norwegian Epic. “Such luxury, so much nachas’ to share with the family”: chimed in his wife. “To be able to eat gourmet Kosher food while you travel the world? You have any wish, ask and it’s yours. Like royalty without the politics”. Here I’m quoting a very famous rabbi whose passion for Kosherica’s Cruises and retreats is red-hot. He and his family take part in the company’s offerings at every opportunity. The rabbi and family are relaxed, elated and much loved by their congregation. As most psychologists and many laypeople know, fulfilling vacations are known to contribute to a healthy and happy life. The better the vacation the greater the contribution. Cruising in high style, being fed mouth-watering, stunningly prepared food. Then being pampered in world-class comfort, meeting new people, seeing new and amazing places with lovely hosts who make you feel like the center of the universe. It’s no wonder that feeling like royalty seems like a very understandable sentiment that has been expressed by passengers of Kosherica Luxury Glatt Kosher Cruises and resorts for a quarter of a century.

The entire experience is rather stunning since the menu of cruises and events is forever expanding. Who would have thought 25 years ago that a Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel, Pas Yisroel gourmet cruise was even possible? And furthermore, served on the most beautiful dinnerware, surrounded by delicate candlelight, soft music and served by white gloved servers. The dining room is exquisitely furnished, with picture windows looking out over the wide-open ocean as people wine and dine. It has really been a fantastical idea a quarter of a century ago, when Jewish people who kept Kosher were forced to eat reheated frozen meals out of tin foil containers. Often with chicken feathers not fully plucked. Why, as back as few months ago, this was the fare served on the plane, even if you traveled First Class.

How amazing that you don’t have to be a billionaire just to dine decently. I actually do know someone who rents an entire plane for his family, brings his chef and mashgiach just so they can fly to the Far East and have gourmet Kosher meals.

The most recent additions are the itineraries to Australia and New Zealand. Incredible, a cruise this long, kosher or not is quite an undertaking. But the way Kosherica does it is brilliant. They have a scholar on board. The kitchen is perfectly equipped and stocked for the 2 week voyage. Shabbat and daily minyanim are accounted for as is the synagogue. Friday night is magic – it’s hard to believe one is on the middle of the high seas as the women come in looking beautiful and glowing to light Shabbat candles. They all sit in the women’s section and listen to the service coming from beyond the partition. When it’s time for Friday night dinner everyone greets each other with a Good Shabbos or Shabbat Shalom and if you weren’t friends before now you are all one big floating congregation.

A traditional Jewish meal is served. Actually, incredible traditional gourmet Jewish Kosher food would be the correct description. Chicken soup and fish and ten different choices and courses galore. It’s a real Shabbos feeling, with special elevators that stop on each floor. Everything to help you keep the sacred feeling of the day. The next day is often the traditional Cholet for lunch. Synagogue, food, friends, family and introspection. Ideal time to sit on one’s private balcony and relax or read the Torah or any book. Or sit with a friend and talk as one looks at the vast calming expanse of water. ;

Sunday begins the second part of the adventure. The shore excursions on the far side of the globe where it is summer when we have winter are awakeners to any of us who thought that is nothing but our country. Life becomes richer with experience, while you are true to your traditions and revel in in new discoveries. The perfect Glatt Kosher Cruise. Good enough for King Solomon were he in attendance.