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You are all on vacation and the adults are beyond happy and excited to go on the ksoher cruise of their dreams.

Kids…well not so much. Kids are funny that way: they want it all now, not tomorrow, not later. Have you noticed how often most kids ask, &quotare we there yet?&quot.

Well, it’s often and it’s not their fault. It comes with the territory of being a child. Planning for an exciting trip is all well and good, but what about now? We have to do something fun NOW since the future is too abstract for the average kid. There are exceptions of course but we’re not talking about those. So, you’re in Florida, on your way to Fort Lauderdale to board your kosher cruise. But there is a day or three before the event, and you arrived early to escape the winter and the snow.

Here are the main attractions:

1. Disneyworld

The first of Walt Disney’s amusement parks, home to Mickey and Minnie mouse, is considered Florida’s biggest attraction. It’s very large, forever evolving and being copied worldwide. To completely ‘do’ it in one day is impossible especially because of the lines in front of each attraction. Yet it’s a wonderland which will delight young and old alike because &quotit’s a small world after all&quot, as per the musical brain worm which often sticks with you long after the visit.

2. Then there is Epcot Center for brilliant simulations of space rides, super exciting journeys into the solar system, a glide around the world, visits to far away planets, all while you’re sitting buckled into your seat. You can choose to travel under the sea or visit famous places around the globe, hang-gliding. If you want to feel like an astronaut get into the NASA style simulator to mars, or design a virtual concept vehicle a go for high octane ride.

The &quotFrozen&quot buffs can step into Elsa’s world and sail on a musical boat to Royal Sommerhus.

3. If you have time Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is filled with enchanted fantasy, animal adventure, magic and fun.

4. Hollywood Studios recreates movies and makes visitors feel center stage in famous productions.

5. Sea World

Just a few words, since this has been copied all over the country and worldwide. Yet being first, it has some iconic value, being a waterpark, a marine zoological park, where sharks and seals, dolphins and sea lions perform for the audience, while others are simply visible in their natural environment. You can touch a shark (ouch!) and experience Manta the Flying Coaster and the beloved Shamu. And prepare to get wet!

If you arrived in Miami for your kosher cruise, go the blog page on the website and read my article on things to do in Miami –

You’ll find plenty of things to entertain the tykes as well as teach them about culture and history. If all fails, go to the beach and fly a kite!

Good luck and enjoy your kosher cruise!