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What are Kosher Cruises?

What are Kosher Cruises? 724 482 Sarity Gervais

What are Kosher cruises?

Cruises catering to observant Jews, with a commitment to kashrut. Up until a decade ago religious Jews were forced to bring their own canned food or special order kosher food when travelling. It would invariably arrive in tinfoil dishes accompanied by plastic cutlery and would usually smell old and be served with cold bread while other passengers were served delicious looking fare on glimmering tableware. You could count on the food being tasteless, frozen and reheated. One ate simply to stave off starvation.

Not anymore! A small number of companies realized the need for Glatt kosher, gourmet freshly made food aboard luxury ships. The Jewish community has been deprived from enjoying sublime cruising for far too long. The demand was there and Kosherica came to fill that demand renting blocks of rooms on the best liners, kashering the kitchens and supplying equipment, fresh ingredients and stunning tableware for the guests.

How can you book a Kosher cruise?

Kosherica is the world leader in five-star luxury cruises serving gourmet kosher meals and sailing to an incredible variety of destination. They can be reached online at or by phone at (305) 695-2700, or toll free at (877) 724-5567.

How much would the trip cost?

On you can search the site and click on any cruise you desire. Below the program there will be a detailed account of pricing for all the various staterooms. They often go from a studio size to a luxury suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean and the ports of call. To see our list of cruises, visit our Kosher Cruises

What is there to know before going on a cruise?

Do you wish to find out what are the ideal clothes to pack? What&amprsquos the dress code? The passport and visa requirements for each trip? Last minute tips and a treasure chest of info can be found on

What else is available for the kosher cruiser? for the solo traveler looking to meet other fun and active singles.