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The other day I booked a flight to the destination of my Kosherica cruise to Alaska. The fight itself was long and expensive enough to warrant travel insurance, lest I miss my flight and forfeit the entire fare.

Coming from New Jersey (where I live) to New York (where I was flying out of) – anything can happen, and often does. That day the Lincoln tunnel was paralyzed by a minor accident and instead of 10 minutes, it took an hour to get across. Nerve-wracking even if you don’t have to catch a flight. I was going to be flying to Seattle to board a ship, to leave behind the heat and humidity of NYC for a delicious Alaskan cruise with Kosherica. Timing was beyond important, to say the least. Before the online engine finished the transaction, I contemplated the travel insurance they offered. I thought it best to keep the reservation open for 24 hours and then got to work on finding out everything possible about travel insurance.

I spent a whole day on my research and as it turns out, there are three different categories of insurance:


I never bought travel insurance before. Like many others I relied on luck and my health insurance company which claims to cover me abroad.

I officially checked with Blue Cross and got sketchy responses: Yes, partial coverage, within network. Of course pay first then submit the receipt when back home and then wait for approval which may or may not come. ‘You may appeal’ said the supervisor.

I turned to check out health travel insurance policies. With a vengeance. I looked for the ones which will reimburse you, full stop, no matter what the situation or which hospital or doctor I ended up with.

A good one to check out is World Nomads or search your own options at


If you miss your trip and the plane leaves without you, or at the last minute you break a leg or come what may – you are safe. Some credit cards offer the same protection so make sure you know what you have in your wallet. Aside from getting triple points, some cards offer great benefits. United Mileage plus from Chase or Chase Sapphire are among the best. Still, it will be easier to get reimbursed through travel insurance.


Airlines reimburse you for lost checked luggage up to $400. Your home insurance policy will cover your stolen or lost hand luggage but it does come with a heavy price. They ask you to give them receipts for items you got years ago. Or show photos of you wearing the glasses you lost, etc. It took me months to supply all the required material for a piece of luggage stolen from the Budapest airport. I got reimbursed less the deterioration value. With the right Insurance, you’ll save time stress and energy.

Best of all try to keep healthy. Eat well, take your vitamins, drink only bottled water and hydrate. Keep your eyes on your luggage. If possible, buy tickets with cards that protect you from luggage loss. They will supplement the low reimbursement of the airline. If a twister gets you to the Land of Oz and you’re not in Kansas anymore, you and Toto will be fine. Your flight, any other transportation and your credit card will have your back. Or at least part of it.

Kosherica recommends TravelSafe Insurance (Offering plans for U.S. residents only).

You may puchase online by going to , or by calling toll free at 1-888-885-7233.

Be sure to mention: Kosherica’s location ID #: KOSFL01, in order to properly link your policy to our group.