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Top 10 Israeli Inventions

Top 10 Israeli Inventions 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Sarity Gervais

This article is the second one on top Israeli inventions. Some of them are so high tech and mind boggling that they are changing the face of the planet. ;

The previous articles dealt with some of those, many of them so space age they are overreaching the bounds of most sci-fi movies and novels. The Pill Cam belongs here with its tiny camera in a pill, giving access to view the GI tract. Visit the blog by clicking HERE.

Today I’ll add 10 more:

1. Netafirm – drip and micro water irrigation of crops with incredible precision.

2. Rav Bariach – The standard of security in residences in 5 continents, has a geometric lock, extending from different points into the doorframe and their steel construction make them the safest, best locks available today. ;

3. The Brief Cam – a video synopsis which rapidly allows viewing and indexing from different times. A serious advance and a time saver unlike any other before.

4. Hydro spin – Supplies electricity for water monitoring and control systems in remote areas without access to electricity.

5. TA Count – real time microbiology enables detection and count of harmful microorganisms in mere minutes rather than the hours it used to take. Life-saving, applicable to food, drink and pharmaceuticals.

6. Zenith Solar – maximum energy extracted with minimal real estate.

7. Turbulence – the world’s first hyper-narrative, interactive movie. Allows the viewer to choose the direction of the film’s plot by pressing buttons on their device.

8. AFC (Active Flow Control) – a gas-air mixing system to replace all mixing technologies.

9. Early Sense – a continuous monitoring solution done remotely to monitor patient’s heart rate, respiration and movement. Though it is contact free, it reports on the status of a wide range of condition such as falls, bedsore prevention and more. There are no wires which adversely psychologically affect recovery of most patients. ;

10. Tour Engine – Reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions. It’s environment friendly attributes contribute to cleaner air. ;