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The Weather in April During Passover Retreat 2018 at the JW Marriott Palm Springs

The Weather in April During Passover Retreat 2018 at the JW Marriott Palm Springs 724 482 Sarity Gervais

While most people are still thawing out from a cold and icy winter, the magical atmosphere in Palm Desert, California at the Passover Retreat in April is certain to make you forget there is a place other than this beautiful paradise. Most of us have a great appreciation for comfort and grace, wonderful weather, for beautiful surroundings warmth and the highest in luxury hospitality. This is what will welcome you in the much acclaimed, famous JW Marriott resort in Palm Springs, where Kosherica proudly holds a Glatt Kosher Passover retreat.

In a previous blog, I wrote extensively about the resort and its mind-boggling beauty. This blog will focus on the weather in Palm Springs and the area. Without any hesitation, I can say that Bob Hope and many other celebrities picked Palm Springs as home not only for the best golfing almost anywhere, but because the place is so full of exquisite wonder. Each time I visit I discover something new and exciting.

Palm Springs is full of luxury shops, mineral hot baths, incredible weather views that could take your breath away. Joshua Tree National Park and many other wonderfully interesting places are all within a short driving distance. For more Information, please visit my blog –,-Palm-Springs,-California&ampblogID=60232.

The place never lets you down. On the contrary &ndash it has a way of surprising you anew each time you visit. I have always returned rested, much happier and refreshed.

In my opinion, there is no place at that time of the year if you were to search the entire universe, for providing you with comfort and bliss. This stunning desert oasis outside of Los Angeles has everything for the discerning visitor. The warm thermal private baths or pools are actually healing arthritis and a variety of muscle and skin ailments. Sports, hiking trails, luxury shops and if you choose to stay at the resort &ndash you get the best of everything without having to drive yourself anywhere. The Passover seder is catered by the great chefs of Kosherica as are all the Glatt Kosher gourmet meals views you’ll be served.

To enchant and relax all visitors the rooms are comfortable and cozy. You’ll experience true desert weather in April &ndash the nights are cool thus, the rooms are mostly equipped with fireplaces which is a wonderful romantic way to end each day. The average temperature is between 70 degrees fahrenheit during the day to 40 degrees at night. A typical dry, warm, sunny day culminating with a cool desert night. It gives you the best night sleep at the end of each fun-filled day. By the end of the retreat of you might be considering a move there. I know I did toy with the idea&hellip