The Time Has Come!

The Time Has Come! 350 208 Sarity Gervais

The time has come to finally realize my life long dream and sail to Europe! My off time is limited, so taking a cruise which will deliver me to multiple countries seemed the ideal way to go.

Throughout my whole life I never dared take the trip, despite my life long desire to sail on a gondola in Venice, travel the Italian countryside, or see the ruins in Rome. Since I was a young child I wished to visit the museums in Spain and Portugal and France, the Prado and The Louvre, and see original art by the Great Masters, and also to explore ancient cities and soak up the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Yet I could never make up my mind to go…

You see, I was concerned about not being able to find good, healthy Kosher food. I am very health conscious and moreover, being modern orthodox, I consume only Glatt Kosher food. The thought of subsisting on dead food like the stuff served for Kosher passengers on a plane was unthinkable, considering a trip like that would take over a week.

And then one day last month, there it was, in a pamphlet I received in the mail! It was marked &quotKosherica&quot and showed pictures of happy, smiling people, wearing proper attire, sitting at tables heavy with exquisite looking food. Then the text said the food is Glatt kosher, even ‘Chalav Yisrael’, and supervised by Rabbis.

The decision was made in an instant – I picked up the phone, spoke to a delightful young woman and booked myself a trip.

Well, all I can say is that the luxury on the boat combined with the rustic beauty of the countryside we visited, made for a treat fit for a queen. It was far better than I’ve ever dreamt.

We also had excellent kosher wine from Israel (which is beginning to compete in quality with the French and Sonoma wine), and I had the perfect time.

The meals we had on ship often had a Mediterranean flavor, with lots of vegetables at every meal, w a vast variety of choice to satisfy every palate,beautiful salads,perfectly cooked gourmet meals and wonderful company w loads of entertainment.

We went to visit ancient synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, feeling deeply connected to our past, to the history of our people.

On the days without land trips, we had a choice of religious studies with some famous and rather brilliant Rabbis, lectures for women on a wide variety of subjects, delivered by licensed therapists, or

Jewish cooking lessons, which appealed to many men as well. We could of course just lounge around the pool or partake of services of the on ship spa.

I met friends for life!.

This was the best time I have ever had as adult. Thank you Kosherica!!!