The Renaissance hotel in downtown Seattle, WA

The Renaissance hotel in downtown Seattle, WA 150 150 Sarity Gervais

The luxury triple A, Four Diamond rated accommodations of this perfect, Marriot-owned hotel, are well deserved.

Located right in the heart of downtown Seattle, the hotel’s rooms are beautifully spacious and every possible comfort is provided for guests.

Be it a family with small children or pets, couples on a honeymoon and business travelers, in need of a delicious restful night, the Marriot Renaissance combines luxury, comfort and the most modern up to the minute electronic amenities, all of which are part of the price of accommodation. For those traveling without babies, or have the time to partake, the fully equipped fitness center outshines all others in town. With its walking distance proximity to Pike Place Market and Century Link Field, the hotel is a natural choice for all visitor to Seattle. On the top floor of the towering hotel, is a salt water pool, overlooking the breathtaking view of the city.

The hotel rooms feature stunning views of the Seattle skyline and the gorgeous mountains surrounding this North-western city.

But before I say another word about the hotel, I must mention the incredible stuff, and give a heartfelt mention of Mr. Spencer Quinn, who made our stay incredible, gave us a room upgrade and made our stay even more delightful, by his kind, thoughtful assistance and attention to my kids and my needs He is a true asset to the hotel, knowledgable, helpful, and his much appreciated support to this weary traveller and the two small kids who needed special provision pre our cruise to Alaska, deserves an honorable mention, and a special thanks.

After I put the kids to bed, it was my turn to sink into the soft bedding, feeling so delicious inside the down comforter and pillows, I fell asleep within seconds.

Upon awakening the next morning, we pulled aside the curtains raised the blinds and were blissed by the beauty we saw through the windows. The Puget Sound twinkled nearby and as we sat down to eat breakfast (vegan organic food we bought at Whole Foods last night – with a kashrut label to boot,) we stared out at the spectacular views from the spacious luxury of our room, and I knew this will be my hotel of choice, each time I arrive in Seattle.

The hotel is also close to the Seattle waterfront, all the highways and many other wonderful attractions this city has to offer.

On a previous trip we visited the Ferris Wheel and the Aquarium, all within walking distance from the hotel. The hotel has become a new favorite addition to my list. Since I travel so often and have experienced a great number of hotels worldwide, this fact alone speaks volumes.