The Majestic Mountains of the Whistler Resort

The Majestic Mountains of the Whistler Resort 350 233 Sarity Gervais

This past year I went to Whistler, BC for a gorgeous ski vacation. Our hotel destination was the award winning Four Seasons Resort at Whistler, and spa the epitome of luxurious living at its finest. The rooms were lush, the property refined and the village quaint and elegant. Even the drive up was spectacular as we cruised past glorious mountains and crystal clear lakes. The temperature was in the 60s and spring was just starting to settle in.

We decided to come to Whistler to ski Blackomb Mountain which is known for spectacular views, super slopes, fresh snow and fun. We skied and sat at the pool during the day (it was spring after all!) and relaxed at the four seasons spa between activities. It was pure luxury at its finest. The only thing missing was kosher food. We would salivate passing the world famous side cut restaurant in the hotel. If only it were kosher! In fact, I don’t recall ever being pampered so well!

On the second to last day my husband surprised me with an unbelievable gift. Zip-lining 650 feet in the sky across two mountains. I couldn’t believe it. I was petrified but intrigued. The guides were knowledgeable and careful which put my fears to ease. It ended up being one of the coolest and most life changing adventure experiences I have ever had. I felt like a bird flying through air and first time everything in the world seemed possible. Thank you, Whistler, for that amazing vacation.

– Helit Edelstein

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