The Greek Isles Kosher Cruise Vacation!

The Greek Isles Kosher Cruise Vacation! 350 279 Sarity Gervais

One of my favorite Kosherica destinations is the Greek Isles.There is nothing more majestic than pulling up to Santorini and seeing the white-washed homes reflect against the crystal blue ocean. Every time we arrive at that port, I feel excited to take the walk up the hillside and explore all of the fun little shops.

Another one of my favorite islands is Katakalon. The best experience that I’ve had there is renting scooters for the day and driving them all around the nearby villages. We made stops at secluded beaches and small, sleepy towns. It was a blast. If you’re looking for something a little more historic, the Olympics originated here and it’s a fascinating site to visit.

This year we are fortunate enough to go to Piraeus which is the porthole to Athens. There is a very interesting Jewish history in Athens and it’s an amazing place to visit.

Dubrovnik is the site of one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. This majestic seaside down is filled with incredible history and still has a nice, small Jewish community. We are fortunate enough to have a private Jewish tour guide to lead us and tell us about the history as well as give us a one-on-one tour of the synagogue. I love this small town and every time I go back I learn something new.

The most exciting part of this tour is that we originate from and return to visit. Venice is filled with so must history, culture and excitement and there is always something to do. Venice also has a vibrant Jewish community including a restaurant, bakery, pizza shop, etc. all under the leadership of Rabbi Rami Banin. The Gam-Gam restaurant is a real gem in this community. You can get amazingly delicious Italian fare and they also prepare Shabbat meals.

In summary, this is a truly beautiful and magnificent cruise full of culture, history and magic.