The Famous Foodie Kosherica Cruise to Alaska on Royal Caribbean. Shabbat is Finally at Sea!

The Famous Foodie Kosherica Cruise to Alaska on Royal Caribbean. Shabbat is Finally at Sea! 787 511 Sarity Gervais

Kosherica is Ecstatic to Announce their Kosher Foodie Cruise to Alaska taking place on July 12th, 2019.

Why is this a such a victory? Shabbat on a sea day aboard one of the most groundbreaking ships in the world is a triple winner for Kosherica guests:

Victoria, British Columbia finally not on Shabbat is another first.

So it begins……

First, let’s begin with Seattle, Washington – it’s the coolest Northwestern city, very health-conscious and innovative, with a history harkening back to the Gold Rush. It’s home to the first Starbucks and Costco and so much more. Nicknamed the Emerald City, and rightly so, it shines like my birthstone. Click on the link below to read more about this amazingly fresh and exciting city, one of the best in the USA.

If you have the means, try to give yourself extra time to explore it, either before or after the cruise.,-Washington&blogID=43

Kosherica really scored an exceptional gem of a cruise for its Kosher observant travelers. ;

Luxury, world class cuisine and service are a given on all of Kosherica’s cruises. We’ve learned to expect nothing less. The Kosher cruise and Passover resort company partners with only the very top cruise lines and uses their most exquisite ships, only the latest the greatest, with all the bells and whistles. More on that when I describe the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas. Plus, incredible ports of call – with programs that cover nearly the whole planet. The dining room area is entirely koshered and supervised. It’s filled with glimmering china, flatware, and glass. The kitchen area is completely Glatt Kosher, Chalav and Pas Yisroel. Thus, observance of Kashrut and Shabbat and all of one’s spiritual and physical needs are amply taken care of.

This cruise ship is the world’s ultimate groundbreaking innovative game changer. Royal Caribbean’s newest baby, built in 2016, the super star is built for comfort and excitement, with lots of adrenaline pumping activities like bumper cars, a circus school, Ripcord by iFly, the only skydiving simulator, Flowrider, a surfing simulator, multiple swimming pools, roller skating, wall climbing h2o pools, 300 foot high views from the North Star for the most amazing views of the magnificent vistas. Great entertainment from morning until night, for adults and kids alike. Parents can relax and do their thing while the Ovation of the Sea offers complementary youth programs such as Adventure Ocean and an endless array of ;fun activities.

Everyone will enjoy the finest, cornucopia of elegantly served Kosher delicacies. Five meals a day to satisfy every palate, regardless of how picky you are. Three main meals, an afternoon high tea and a late-night snack just in case you get hungry after dinner. All freshly baked and prepared daily. The scent just wafting around is so incredibly etched in my memory that even as I type this I’m getting hungry. Seconds and thirds are welcomed, and in fact, they are encouraged.

This is how Friday Night and Shabbat will be spent – aside from services you’ll spend your time eating and socializing. You’ll be on the beautiful ship, celebrating the day and looking out through the vessel’s unprecedented spectrum of the North Star at 300 feet, with 360 degrees of unobstructed, breathtaking views.

The ship has now entered the Juneau, Alaska Inside Passage.

You’ll see views of the Alexander Archipelago – once the route of Klondike Gold Rush, the most stunning of the planet’s landscapes. Glaciers, deep blue waters, wildlife, bears and humpback whales, just to name a few. When the ship docks you will be able to spend some time exploring the local life.

It’s quite amazing. In Alaska there are 19 hours of daylight at this time of the year. You’ll feel the pioneer spirit of the early Russian settlers who came here as Gold Rush prospectors and the First Nation tribespeople. You’ll see bald eagles, a huge number of whales and seals, porpoises and seabirds.

If you decide to take an excursion by boat or private plane, you’d go over ice carved fjords and look at some of the most amazing sky piercing views you’ll ever see.

The beauty and excitement of this place is contagious. However, you choose to spend the time, be it in the ship staring at the magnificent beauty from the height of raised decks from your private balcony or by taking an adventurous excursion, you will certainly love it.

The next day is Skagway and it’s magical. You could take the half day excursion. In my opinion it’s enough to give you a good feel of the place and still leaves you time to explore downtown on foot.

The tour takes you to the Yukon Territory border, and cross over to Canada, driving along the Klondike Highway in British Columbia.

If you decide to hop the replica vintage Gold Rush era train, you’ll travel along the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway, which is an international Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Here you’ll enjoy stunning views of mountains, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls and plains, visit the famous Emerald Lake and experience Alaska the way it was way back when, with unspoiled natural beauty, perfect for true outdoorsy people (but within the comforts of a guided tour, aboard a vehicle to take it all in while comfortably safe and protected from the elements).

Directly from the port you can take the tour to the majestic White Pass Summit and the Skagway Overlook (from where you can see the views as far as eye can see, panoramic views of the town and waterway). Gold prospecting and the Tlingit tribe history will suddenly become present reality. By riding the route that many prospectors rode on their way to the Yukon in the roaring years of the 1800s, you’ll have a more tangible experience.

Or just stroll around the century old buildings downtown, in this former frontier port town. The Old Historic section of downtown can fill many hours with a variety of activities. Visiting the Mascot Museum saloon, which has a collection of artifacts from the heydays of the Gold Rush. There are glass blowing demonstrations and floral displays at the Jewel Garden or just simply visit the Bald Eagle reserve on the river flats. Or go kayaking and spot bears, beavers and moose.

You could go to the Skagway Museum to see artifacts and photos from the past and see how harsh the conditions were for the prospectors. The Klondike Gold Rush historical park visitor center will give you ample knowledge about the area, its rough history and people.

I was entranced by Skagway, imagining it during the height of winter, with meagre supplies of comfort or sustenance, and I kept seeing the Charlie Chaplin silent movie, in which the Little Tramp prospector is trapped in a snow bound cabin and is so starved he cooks a shoe and daintily eats the shoe laces as if they were spaghetti.

Next day is one of Alaska’s lesser known gems, Endicott Arm Fjord, at the Southern end of the Fjord Terror Wilderness area. It’s an awe-inspiring 30 mile stretch of granite cliffs drifting icebergs, deep blue waters, gushing waterfalls and the exquisite Dawes tidewater glacier. It’s 600 feet tall and half a mile wide, glistening like a beautiful giant jewel in the sunlight. Endicott Arm Fjord is the biggest breeding ground for harbor seals on the planet. They can be seen splashing icy water near the ship. Along the shore you’re likely to glimpse brown bears, bald eagles, moose, deer, wolves, sea ducks, and more. Just remember to keep your eyes on the lookout and wear sunglasses to protect from the glare.

The final stop is Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. This is a beautiful city filled with culture tradition and heritage. As you get off the ship I suggest you head right to the Inner Harbor, Victoria’s most popular and immediately accessible tourist attraction. It truly has everything – fishing boats and colorful floating homes, framed by wide pedestrian streets and street vendors. The open waters often have whales playing as you casually glance there, smiling in delight. Best of all – it’s free and all within walking distance. As you look at all this beauty you can see the gorgeous

Old Royal BC Parliament Building, as well as the Royal BC Museum. Both are minutes away and soaking up the atmosphere and whale watching don’t have a price tag on them.

The Parliament Building in its beautiful Neo-Baroque style dates back to 1898 and is a very impressive large building. It looks delightful when it is lit up in the dusk and after dark.

The Royal British Columbia Museum has earned the Reviewers Certificate of Excellence and is a Travelers Choice Winner. The museum is brilliantly laid out, with world class artifacts and cultural treasures about human history. Its display about the First Nation artifacts masks, jewelry, cultural treasures, totems and inspiring art in the Gallery of the First Peoples is fascinating. They also have visiting quality exhibits like the Egyptian exhibit this summer and an iMax theater. A definite must see. Only $13 Canadian and right next to the Parliament building. This is the least expensive fun and education filled shore excursion ever.