The Best Part of Traveling the World: The Pictures!

The Best Part of Traveling the World: The Pictures! 350 262 Sarity Gervais

There is nothing more captivating than photos… Especially when travel photos! They can express a mood, a feeling, a vibe of a place like nothing else. The pictures that excite me the most are the ones brimming with the energy and excitement of a destination. You can literally feel the image pop out of the page.

I have a good friend that literally traveled the globe in search of That one great picture. Most times he found it but it took years of experience and diligence (not to mention back pain from schlepping equipment across the world!) These days most people can consider themselves experienced travel photographers just from a click of an iPhone and a picture adjustment from one of many amazing apps. One of my favorite apps is camera+. It has amazing features that allow you to control the coloring and framing of each picture. It also allows you to completely transform the image into any style you prefer. Some favorites of mine are toy camera and 70s.

Another fun app is halftone. This app allows you to turn any image into a cartoonish version and gives you the option to add caption with sayings on them. It’s fun for a laugh.

Do you have any fun photo apps?

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