The Best Health and Vitality Tips

The Best Health and Vitality Tips 150 150 Sarity Gervais

I discovered some incredible yet straightforward things to keep my organs vitalized and cleansed. The things I’m about to share will save you money while they revitalize the body. They are simple, natural, easy additions and will deliver extraordinary results.


The time is perfect for this: After the deliciously indulgent Kosher Passover meals, our bodies will gratefully and amply respond to these additions. We all benefit greatly from keeping our intestinal tracts clean and unclogged, our bodies well hydrated and humming at the highest level of homeostasis. Adding the following easy adjustment to our daily routines will lead us to optimal health. The wonderful thing about it is that there’s no requirement for diets or refraining from a balanced enjoyment of our favorite gastronomic delights. Great to start after the springtime holidays and get ready for the optimal joy with well-being.


  1. Homemade Purified Water


Purify your own water.

I started to research the issue of tap water vs. bottled water last year. One day, it hit me when I  returned from a trip to the supermarket: I carried an obscenely heavy 12-pack of 36 oz. of fancy bottled water that had to be taken from the car to the lobby of my building. It was a hot day, and II didn’t want the melted plastic to leech microplastics into the pure water. Not much fun, to say the least. That same day, I watched a documentary about the effect of using and discarding indestructible plastic bottles. Recycling, you think? Think again. Only 20% of the plastic is a worthy candidate. The rest is dumped in once-pristine bodies of water and vast landfills all over the planet. The plastic goes into the earth and water, devastating the ecosystem. Shortly after that, I got a worrisome letter from the NJ Department of Health: The notice warned residents about water contaminants found in the public water supply in 39 boroughs of the state. They advised people to attach a TAP filter to the kitchen for an endless clean water supply. What a dilemma: plastic contained bottled water that may be leeching dangerous microplastics into our bodies. They’re convenient, expensive, and, it turns out, far from being ‘good for us.’


The body needs at least  8-10 cups of clean water daily to function well and wash away all debris we accumulate from just living life. Our kidneys and organs work overtime when water intake is insufficient or comes laden with toxins.

After extensive research, I choose tap water.


Public water supplies in the USA  must pass the CDC and EPA regulation. If you choose to have more control, you can access The Environmental Working Group or EWG online. They have a tap water database, which allows individuals to check out the contamination reports for their local water supply.

Some bottled waters are sold without any regulation. Carbon filtered or reverse osmosis purified tap water will provide unlimited access to a delicious, chemical-free water supply. Free, directly from our kitchen sinks.

The story goes like this:

The United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world. It is regulated by the top government agencies, as I’ll detail below. It’s found to be 90% pure for drinking. Here is the kicker: The water is legally pure and safe to drink when it leaves the plant, yet the water you get in your home, could and likely have some degree of impurity. As the water goes through,  the pipes in your building or private home are often contaminated. Depending on where we live, our water supply is affected accordingly. New York State, for example, has some of the purest water sources worldwide, yet many apartment buildings have an aging water system with worn lead pipes that leach lead and other contaminants into our tap water.

Most bottled water was found to be just as unreliable. The finding which brought the message home for me came after much reading and deep research: Most popular brands were found to be merely filtered tap water sitting in a plastic container. To spend 2000% more on bottled water than you would on the purified water at home? No. If you want the purest water for the family,  save up and buy one of the high-end filters. Those go under the kitchen sink, effectively cleaning the water from the pipe.

It’s an initial expense but pays for itself in savings on store-bought water. Also, no matter where you live, you’ll have personal control over what you put into your body. A good filter removes all impurities. Makes the water taste as pure and as healthy as the most expensive Bottled Water. You’ll have access to delicious, additive-free hydration. No more heavy tanks delivered to the cumbersome cooler units in your homes. Lab tests found purified tap water to be far cleaner than bottled water. If you wish to spring for the more expensive alternatives, you may choose a large capacity purifier or a reverse osmosis system installed under the kitchen sink. Check out the list of the top 10 best cleaners online: The following are the top three brands: ‘Hydroviv’ ($199). This company also makes bathroom water purifiers to care for skin and hair (delightful for soft hair and skin if you live in a place with a hard-water supply.)

Cloud RO is one of the top ones and is on sale for $450 instead of $800, or the excellent ‘Waterdrop G3P800’, with UV sterilizing light ($800). Most of these supply the home with scientifically tested 99.9% purified water, in unlimited supply. Perfect for drinking, filling humidifiers, adding to hot beverages, cooking, etc.

If you go for the less expensive faucet attachments, like FLOWATER ($56 on Amazon), remember to change the filter every 3-4months, depending on usage. These are practical because they have a lever that transforms the flow from the unit to regular, unfiltered water. You’d use this for house cleaning, thus using the filter only as needed.


You’ll find that using this optimal water also for washing your face and brushing teeth, or any routine that can benefit from pure water.

Allergy season finds many of us in need of daily sinus rinses (Neil Med Sinus rinse kit). Saltwater gargling for the occasional sore throat all require the cleanest possible water.


  1. Lemon Water


For optimal internal cleansing, add fresh lemon juice to the drinking water. It is a good source of vitamin C, promotes hydration, improves skin quality and helps our digestion, lowers blood pressure, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and much more. Fresh lemon juice,  squeezed into a big glass-lined water bottle, is the ideal accompaniment to the gym,  the car, or to take along in a backpack on hikes and long walks. According to research, the polyphenol in lemons actually reduces weight gain, and its antioxidants improve insulin resistance in diabetes. Food and Nutrition Board guidelines say that women should get at least 90 oz, and men 125 oz of water (including the water in food and beverages).

Aside from all the above benefits, Lemon makes plain water far more palatable and may help you drink more.


  1. Celery Juice


The best discovery I have made in ages.

It requires a tremendous masticating Juicer like AICOOK AMR509 ($160, often on sale for much less) and fresh bunches of organic celery.

Every morning, drink 12-16 oz on an empty stomach. It tastes wonderfully refreshing.

If you find it too bland, you can use a sprinkling of Himalayan salt, lemon juice, and pepper. Sometimes I add carrots or sliced green apples.

The juice can be made and cleaned in two minutes and has a miraculous effect on elimination, an overall increase in health and vitality, and allows us to drink a vast amount of super nutrients which would be near impossible to consume without juicing.


You’ll find the difference in your health and well-being transformative. The attention we pay to our health is also psychologically rewarding.

To Your Health,