Take a Cruise to Alaska!

Take a Cruise to Alaska! 350 233 Sarity Gervais

The Kosherica Alaska cruise is the perfect cruise for families. The breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, fun shows, delicious glatt kosher gourmet food adds up to the ultimate getaway. It’s just the perfect solution for all ages- from little ones who can have a blast in the kids center, to teens who can play basketball while passing glaciers to adults who can explore a five star spa after a day of sightseeing.

I always recommend teaching the family about glaciers and the wildlife they are about to see. This makes the experience far more personnel and in turn far more exciting. If you google online you will find numerous books that teach children and adults about glaciers. If they understand how delicate glaciers are and how fast they are evaporating they will really appreciate there majesty and magnitude.

It’s also great to talk about salmon, bears and birds. I took my daughter to the salmon hatchery where she saw them swim upstream and still is memorized by it! She also went dogsledding in a glacier and always talks about the gorgeous ice blue colors. – probably the highlight of our trip ( right after seeing a mama bear catch fish for her babies).

I love Alaska and I loved going with Kosherica!