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Summer Cruising with Kosherica

Summer Cruising with Kosherica 724 482 Sarity Gervais

As the northern hemisphere gears up for cooler weather and cloudier skies, Kosherica already has its sights on Summer 2018’s much-anticipated season of kosher cruising.

That’s because when the weather grows warm again and the skies are saturated with sunshine, the adventurous among us get packing for some serious travel. After months of meticulous planning, Kosherica’s glatt kosher cruises whisk travelers away to lands far and near, sailing azure seas and enjoying refreshing ocean breezes.

This year’s selection of cruises is as impressive as ever, with a few exciting surprises!

Alaska &amp Seattle Kosher Cruise

7 Nights Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’s Pearl

June 24, 2018 and August 5, 2018 sailings

A cruise to Alaska is considered by many to be the ultimate bucket list experience. Finding yourself dwarfed by immense glaciers, taking in their surreal blue hues, and hearing the roar of a calving is unlike anything else in the natural world. They are moments of nature that are unforgettable.

Kosherica’s Alaska itinerary departs from port in Seattle, making its way up the Puget Sound towards the open waters of the Pacific Ocean along Canada’s coast. As you enjoy the charms of onboard luxury and entertainment, the ship brings you towards the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Discover Alaskan wildlife, including bears and the world-famous salmon runs. Hop on a helicopter to view glaciers from above and slide on crampons as you trek atop a 1,000 foot deep river of ice, tasting glacial streams and seeing the workings of an ice fall up close. There’s something about the vastness and ruggedness of Alaska that takes your breath away.

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Venice &amp Greece Isles Kosher Cruise

7 Nights Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’s Star

June 24, 2018 and August 12, 2018 sailings

Your fancy friends have been to Venice now it’s your turn. Wander through the Insta-worthy Venetian canals and gorgeous Italian architecture. Explore the old Jewish ghetto and the vivid piazzas and museums of this famed city, before boarding the Norwegian Star cruise ship for the Adriatic Sea.

Your first cruise stop will be picturesque Kotor, Montenegro, where you can stroll through a maze of cobbled streets lined with cafes and craft shops. The city is secluded among mountains and is an in-demand destination for yachts. Your cruise ship will then take you to the glistening Greek islands of Corfu, Santorini and Mykonos, each a paradise in itself with shades of blue you wouldn’t believe, giving you several days to explore. You will then visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, with 13th century walls surrounding the magnificent &ldquopearl of the Adriatic,&rdquo as the poet Lord Byron referred to this romantic city, before returning to lovely Venice.

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Bermuda Kosher Cruise

7 Nights Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’s Escape

July 29, 2018 sailing

Here’s a cruise that departs from New York City. Board the Norwegian Escape amid the Big Apple’s hustle and bustle and head for the historic Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. Step into history on this British colony, a chain of islands connected by causeways only 22 miles long and 2 miles wide. You’ll have three days to find shipwreck treasures, climb 200 stairs to the top of a lighthouse for tea time, swim crystal clear pools inside natural underground grottos and frolic along quiet beaches.

In St. George’s you’ll find a World Heritage Site with alleys and historic houses, as well as a replica of the Deliverance ship from 1610 built by 150 shipwreck survivors on their way to Jamestown. King’s Wharf has duty-free shopping inside the Clocktower Mall and other attractions (rum, anyone?). Bring your dancing shoes for Harbour Nights in Hamilton, where the traffic stops on Front Street after 6pm on Wednesday nights. Bermuda’s largest street festival there brings out drummers, dancers, a military band, local crafters and lots more to celebrate summer on the island. The Bermuda itinerary is rare in Kosherica’s cruise collection, so if it’s on your wish list don’t miss this boat.

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Western Mediterranean Kosher Cruise

7 Nights Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’s Epic

August 19, 2018 sailing

The enormous Norwegian Epic cruise ship will whisk you away from Barcelona in Catalonia to the Mediterranean Sea’s most prominent ports of call. Napoli, Rome, Florence, Cannes and Majorca all feature brightly on this foray into the ancient cities of the Roman empire and the golden sun-filled coastlines of Spain, Italy and France.

Meet lively Neapolitans, who invented pizza, in Naples and make your way along the Amalfi Coast where mountains plunge into the sea dotted by olive trees, lemon trees and pasta in every shape and color. In Rome you’ll find the ruins of &ldquothe capital of the world,&rdquo including the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus. The Jewish ghetto is where you can savor kosher restaurants offering authentic Italian cuisine. As the &ldquocradle of the renaissance,&rdquo Florence is celebrated for art and architecture, its Great Synagogue arguably the most beautiful in the world. There’s plenty of shopping to do in Florence, whether you like high quality Italian leather goods or adornments from the jewelry-laden Ponte Vecchio. Cannes, a resort on the French Riviera, is recognized for its film festival and glitzy hotels, the glamorous Monaco practically next door. By the time you get to Majorca, you’ll be ready for its popular beaches and Cuevas del Drach, one of the world’s largest underground lakes, before you head back to Barcelona and its glorious flamenco music.

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Scotland &amp Iceland Kosher Cruise

14 Nights Aboard Holland America’s ms Prinsendam

August 19, 2018 sailing

This itinerary is one we haven’t seen before among Kosherica cruises. It is a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the northern reaches of our planet, exploring the magnificent Scottish Highlands and Icelandic Fjords. You’ll sail aboard the ms Prinsendam, a smaller vessel built for rare destinations that are unreachable by larger ships. As you lounge leisurely around its elegant interiors, this exclusive 14-day adventure will blow you away, both inside and outdoors.

Whether you fell in love with the Highlands from Downton Abbey or found yourself mesmerized by images of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, this cruise is filled with astonishing natural vistas, enchanted castles and alcoholic beverages in the lands of their origins. Ports of call include Edinburgh, the Faroe Islands, Reykjavik, the Shetland Islands and many more, sandwiched luxuriously between your departure and return at the port in Amsterdam. If you’ve got the means for a higher-end voyage, do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t miss this.

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Whichever cruise you choose this summer, Kosherica won’t fail to make it memorable. See why so many people are enamored by their hospitality and cruise with them year after a year. Give them a call, they’ll help you plan your trip. Contact 877-SAIL-KOSHER, 305-695-2700 or [email protected].