PGA Program- Great for Kids and Adults Alike!

PGA Program- Great for Kids and Adults Alike! 350 262 Sarity Gervais

Our incredible PGA program just ended and we are already longing for the stimulating lectures, unbelievable non stop entertainment, shiurim, and kids programming.

Everyday started with my little one begging to go to Kosherica/ Leisure day camp. What joy to my ears! All I had to do was feed my little one and she would run off to an exciting day at Day Camp. Almost all the counselors were in their 20s and from New York. They would run to her and give her a million hugs and start the day with fun games. Each day, depending on chol hamoed or Tom tov , would have water slides, rock climbing walls, game trailers, carnival rides and 50 foot slides. At 4.30pm there was a kids show. They had magicians, animals, clowns, jugglers. It was A Kosher Disney Land.

This was literally the first Pesach that I could leave my child in great hands and have a little &quotme&quot time.

My &quotme&quot time included going to lectures by Oprah Winfrey’s go to therapist, M. Gary Neuman. He had a great series of talks about creating better relationships in your life. Rabbi Mordechai Shifman was the incredibly insightful rabbinical scholar that made profound concepts seem tangible and approachable. Professor Mark Shapiro gave fantastic lecture on Judaic studies. It’s no wonder all his college students fight to get a spot in his class.

When I was not at a lecture I truly indulged at the 5 star spa. I must confess the deep tissue hot stone massage was my secret addiction. I felt like all the worries in the world just melted away the second I walked into the Spa (my spa advise: always take advantage of the hot steam rooms or sauna before a massage to loosen up your muscles before a massage)

Next week I’ll give you an insider glimpse into the great entertainment at the PGA Passover program. Till next week:)