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Kosherica, the Glatt Kosher Tour Leader has a dream cruise on its itinerary for the end of 2017. As we shut the book on this civil year, it’s hard to think of anything more soothing and renewing than a long, delicious Glatt Kosher Cruise to Panama Canal. The cruise embarks in Miami aboard the beautiful Norwegian Cruise Line Jade and stops in beautiful, colorful Cartagena, Columbia, the amazing Panama Canal/Gatun Lake, historical ancient Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, tropical paradise Roatan, Bay islands, Honduras, and Harvest Caye, Belize, a peaceful luxury on a private island.

Let’s begin with Miami, Florida. The liner embarks, Thursday, December 7th in the city’s harbor. Of course, while you are there, have a taste of one of the most diverse and vibrantly Jewish cities in the USA. Aside from the best collection in Art Deco architecture anywhere, there are museums, galleries, swamp rides where you chug along feeding the old crocs, bird sanctuaries, shuls – endless stuff surrounded by a vast expanse of beach and Kosher restaurants… the list is endless.

Once you embark, you’ll spend two days at sea enjoying luscious and exquisite gourmet Glatt kosher food, comfort and great company. The next stop is Cartagena, Columbia. Color, laughing people, life, vibrancy and passionate energy will welcome you, even if you merely take a stroll on the now cleaned up streets. You’ll be surrounded by flowers, lovely buildings, happy people and such warmth and joy that even if you don’t speak the language you’ll be grinning and your heart will be full in no time flat.

Monday at 5:00am it’s Panama Canal/Gatun lake, often referred to as one of the Sever Wonders of the Modern World. Man-made at the cost of a great many human lives and huge expense, a mind boggling feat of the human spirit, which took 34 years to finish. It’s a man-made canal, made to save 7,500 miles of travel by cutting across the landmass between North and South America and shortening the trip to 50 miles between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. One of the amazing results is the Panama Isthmus, whereby animals and plant-life from two different continents migrated and created a most unusual bio diversity. Armadillos and porcupines migrated north while bears, horses, cats and dogs migrated South. You’ll see much of that in Lake Gatun, a place full of howling monkeys, crocodiles and birds of prey. Pure magical sense of paradise, and the location of the Smithsonian Research Institute.

When the ship departs and you come to dinner refreshed and showered after a day in the humid jungle, you’ll gobble the gorgeous Glatt kosher food the likes of which you’ll not find anywhere.

Tuesday at 9:00am after a yummy breakfast you arrive at Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. Discovered by Columbus in 1502, it’s the oldest city in the continent. The name Costa Rica, or Rich Coast was given by the Spaniards since the Caribe Indians wore gold rings in their nose and ears. Sadly, the members of the local tribes died off from the diseases carried by the conquerors, to which they had no immunity. Now, Puerto Limon is a place of peace and literacy, they have so much to see on shore excursions you might think you were lulled into a magic land of un-spoilt beauty from time immemorial. Booking a shore excursion is a must to have a glimpse of all the non- tourist trap wonders this place has to offer.

Thursday at 10:00am is Roatan, Honduras. Blue and turquoise waters, some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere, zip-lining, meditating on the beach as you soak up the beauty. Again, beauty, tranquil and warmth in December – amazing. White sandy beaches and a melting pot of human diversity. Click HERE for more detailed info on the locations from my past blogs.

Last stop is a private island of peace and quiet, no pushy merchants and masses of tourists sweating as they rush to catch a bargain. Only relaxation – sweet and easy, communing with nature and with loved ones. A beautiful end to a beautiful Kosher cruise.