Packing Essentials

Packing Essentials 400 267 Sarity Gervais

Whenever I travel on a Kosherica kosher cruise I always make sure to pack my travel essentials. It just makes life so much easier.

Number one on my list are my indispensable Ziploc bags. I love taking the gallon size bags that zip up. This affords me the chance to always pack my kosher food and snacks. It also is a fantastic way to carry items like salad with dressing. Ziplocs also come in handy when I need to pack my shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries that may spill in my suitcase.

Number two on my list are plastic packing sub compartments for my suitcase. I find when I divide the items in my suitcase it makes it that much easier to unpack and find items on the fly. For instance, I put all my undergarments in one bag; I get a big enough bag to put all my T-shirts; skirts in another; sleepwear in another. Relaxed dresses can also be folded and compartmentalized in another. I think you get the point. Having anorganized suitcase makes travel so much easier.

Third on my list are extra battery packs. I take a least three battery packs on every trip. You never want to be stuck in a foreign country without enough juice in your phone/camera. You want to be able to capture every incredible scenic place. I remember one time when I took my Kosher cruise to Russia my camera was on the verge of dying when we walked into the Hermitage. I just stuck on my extra battery pack and I was good to go.

Number four on my essential list is clothing that suits the place you’re going. On my Kosherica Alaska cruise I always made sure to take a poncho and warm socks for exploring glaciers. This made me extremely cozy and comfortable and greatly enhance my experience. When I took a Kosher cruise to the Greek Isles leaving out of Venice, I made sure to take a portable fan. It’s a tiny little contraption that you stick in your purse and if it gets warm you get to cool down so easily. You can enhance the fan by getting one that actually spurts out droplets of water. It seems like a silly contraption but it’s hot outside!

Number five on my essential list of what to pack is a great book. There is nothing more amazing than being able to sit on a gorgeous balcony overlooking the ocean and just read in solitude. It’s such a meditative process and quite frankly some of the highlights of all my travels. When else do you get the peace and quiet of a big blue ocean? It’s a perfect time to just sit with your thoughts and dream about far off lands.