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OPTIMISM 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Sarity Gervais

It seems that whenever I turn on the news or glance at a newspaper I&amprsquom hit with something catastrophic. Daily the news can be trusted to get your adrenalin going and wreck your nerves. A mass murder by terrorists, a fiscal crisis in the stock market, a new pandemic or a series of Tsunamis and earthquakes. Then there is global warming and the environmental signs that prove its dangerous immediacy.

So why do we keep going, hoping for a brighter future, working toward a life of abundance, peace and security for us, our children and children&amprsquos children?

It would be logical if humanity simply gave upfighting what seems like windmills. But that is just not the way humans are built. On the whole, human nature is optimistic. We may say otherwise but the hope that keeps us going is proof. Most of us hope for a new and better love relationship after a breakup, for a great new job after being let go. We are likely to go through a period of mourning before we open the spring of hope.

Optimism is core to a healthy spirit, body and soul. It is a self fulfilling prophecy, leading us to accomplishment, happiness and well being. I read somewhere that people with low expectations are happier. The source said that if you don&amprsquot have expectations, anything you get is a surprise bonus. While I do think that there is a kernel of truth in this, it is only to the extent that logic dictates. You expect nothing, get a small gift and are therefore surprised and a &ampldquohappy camper&amprdquo. Yet your life is lacking a component more important than vitamins: Hope. The state of mind of a person without hope is often lethargic, even pessimistic. Then there are people like Mahatma Gandhi &ampndash the ones most of us consider enlightened. They have more than hope, they have a positive intention. They manifest great change because they are clear on what they want and haven&amprsquot any doubt of their commitment to the task. Never ignoring reality, they create peace in the face of war unity and respect in the face of chaos.

The average person is definitely happiest when fueled by optimism. It may get him to reach incredible heights, overcome disappointment and become a Steve Jobs.

If you believe it, they will come!