Optimal Comfort for the Jewish Traveler on Kosherica?s Glatt Kosher Cruises

Optimal Comfort for the Jewish Traveler on Kosherica?s Glatt Kosher Cruises 726 481 Sarity Gervais

We provide the ultimate luxury, food to tickle to the taste buds, shore excursions and hospitality like no other.

Jewish travelers receive the height of perfection, designed for Kosher cruisers when they travel with Kosherica. ;A vast array of destinations set to explore the world in comfort. Everything was thought of but the one changeable element: the weather.

We advise our guests strongly to do their own due diligence and turn to www.weather.com.The website provides ten days of predictions, precipitations, temperatures, UV index, humidity and more. In many climate zones it may indicate a brief shower storm (most likely in the tropics) with a return to peaceful blue skies as if nothing occurred.

Yet if you find yourself on a shore excursion without a rain poncho, being soaked to the bone, it might sour the day for you. There are trips to Iceland and Scotland in midsummer, where the better prepared you are, the more you’ll enjoy your phenomenal sights. Dressing in many thin layers is the best advice of experienced travelers. Buy clothes that can be rolled up without wrinkling, weigh not much more than a feather yet are warm when layered and cool when not.

For warmer weather a simple dress for women and slacks and shirts for men layered for warmth with sweaters, jackets, hooded soft jackets and large soft shawls.

Hats and gloves can be found anywhere but make sure to avoid bulk and substitute warmth instead. ;

For men a very good tip is a light but warm vest from Rei.com and warm undergarments for the whole family. The only problem with that is that you’ll need a private dressing room should the weather get too warm and you’d wish to remove the foundation of overly warm garments. In some other places, like in Alaska on Scandinavia and Scotland, they’ll be a blessing.

When on the ship, there is nothing to concern oneself with. Both men and women may dress in their normal fashion and the temperature-controlled insides of the luxury vessels will ensure the ultimate in supreme comfort. The only time you may wish to take a shawl with you is when you visit a show on ice and in the dining room. Glatt Kosher dining with Kosherica usually lights people up with a sparkle of excitement. Merely entering the glorious dining room with its glimmering china and expensive glassware, lowered light and soft music. It’s enough to get people going. By the time the food comes out, the fragrance and the atmosphere gives guests pink cheeks and their eyes are shining. In other words, no need to worry about temperature.

I advise travelers to walk around with a soft shoulder bag or backpack once they get off the boat. The info gleaned from weather.com is excellent and useful, though experience has taught me of the capriciousness of nature. It’s incredibly hard to predict precisely ten days ahead. So many factors come into play as we all know and the best we can do is to be prepared for the worst and pray for the best. as well as to be prepared for whatever may come. Kosherica guests are fortunate to be pampered and cared for so that the guests have only this one responsibility – to get the most out of your vacation. Find out the weather and dress for the area you expect to visit. It will make the joy that much greater, the level of comfort far higher. Imagine the practicality of having a small umbrella tucked away in your bag for each member of your party plus a change of loafers. You’ll be grateful and won’t spend your time ashore wet to the bone. By the way, the rain usually lasts 20 minutes and though it is enough to soak you to the bone – it often vanishes without a trace.

Lots of plastic bags are a wonderful addition to good packing to stash away your wet and/or overly warm clothes. There is a small collection of extra goodies which may come in handy. In very windy weather ear protectors or ear plugs, gloves, swimming clothes if you’re heading to the azure waters of the Caribbean, wide-brimmed summer hats and a great big smile.