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NEW YORK STATE IN THE FALL 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Summer is officially over and today, September 22 is the first day of autumn. You can particularly feel autumn in New York.

Not many places in the world can boast of a fall as amazing and vivid as the state of New York. The state is long and wide, full of changing topographic marvels. Awesome mountains, great waterfalls, lakes of every size and rivers so long they seem to go on forever. There are hills and thick forests, fruit orchards, historic sites and a variety of magical vistas.

The further north you go the earlier the foliage changes. In the Adirondacks by Tupper Lake and Mount Arab the leaves have turned to near mid-point with 30% by the weekend. Colors like copper, brass, goldenrod, saffron, burgundy, cranberry, maize and a burst cerise from the maple trees. Foliage viewers are optimistic that the warm days and cool nights will bring about a spectacularly beautiful and long foliage season.

The further south you go, the later the change can be seen. In Elmira it’s at 15% and in NYC below 10% which is so exciting because if you go to Syracuse you see something totally different from what you see in Central Park. And you have a month or more to catch up, so if you missed the golden red brilliance elsewhere, you’ll find it in your backyard.

Most anything you want and love, you can get in New York this time of year, although, I may be excluding those of you with a passion for glaciers or Beluga whales. Yet if you’re willing to flex a bit and swap those for the most magnificent waterfalls in Ithaca, or the Hudson Valley with its palatial mansions, capped by Lady Liberty and the bridges to the most exciting city anywhere, you’ll be a happy camper. Enjoy the beauty of the orchards and vineyards by Erie Canals&amprsquo Cayuga Lake. Then hop over to Lake Minnewaska in New Paltz and sun yourself on a cliff after a swim. The beauty of that pure blue lake inside the rocks, surrounded by hiking trails and exquisite foliage, is my personal favorite. There are museums everywhere, historic sites and fun for people of every age.

Aside from the weather changes, the balmy afternoons without humidity, there are days to spend exploring with family and friends, soaking in the greatest beauty and culture. Enjoy New York during this magical time of year.