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My List of Top Ten Things to Do on a the Perfect KOSHER CRUISE Around the World

My List of Top Ten Things to Do on a the Perfect KOSHER CRUISE Around the World 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Are you an Observant Jew with a taste for the best? ;

If only there was a cruise that served fresh gourmet food, in a fantastic dining room, while exploring incredible destinations. Oh, and on top of that it would be a kosher cruise. not simply kosher, but glatt kosher, CHALOV YISROEL, PAS YISROEL.

The cruise would also have a concierge at your beck and call. The ship would be a modern liner with all the comforts of home. In addition, you would discover exotic ports and you would meet fellow observant friends.

Well, dear dreamer, you have the taste for the best: This is one dream which can easily come true. Kosherica, the leader in Glatt Kosher luxury cruises has the thing for you. With one phone call, the most respected Kosher cruise and resort company in the world will give you all that. And so much more.

Let’s take a sample of my 10 favorite things.

Devour Five Star Gourmet Glatt Kosher, Chalav, and Pas Yisroel Cuisine. Kosherica is famous for serving the most delicious food, in stunning dining rooms. Every day of your cruise you’ll be offered freshly made delights. All made by world-class chefs. With choices wide and varied, elegantly brought to you by your personal waiter. If you did nothing else you’d still be very happy. Sit with new friends or with family and Eat! Like there is no tomorrow, But the food is so tantalizing the next day and the next you feel singing.

Visit exciting ports of call. Visit amazing museums, natural wonders, icebergs, Alaskan glaciers, tropical islands, swim with the dolphins. If you are a nature lover stretch your limits and climb a glacier!

Take in World-Class Jewish entertainment. On some cruises, they offer a Jewish Music Festival with performers like Dudu Fisher, Benny Friedman, Lipa Schmeltzer and Avraham Fried. Check ahead, since all cruises have a different menu. Go to to find out about the endless incredible routes they take around the world.

Socialize on a Kosher Cruise

Meet new friends among your fellow Jewish travelers. Stretch yourself and learn about people from other communities. Some lifelong friendships have formed from meeting on a cruise and having so much fun together.

If you are fascinated with our people’s past, you can really explore the roots of your heritage. Drink in the history of the Ghettos in Rome or Venice. Visit the Jewish Museum in Athens and learn about the glory and pain of the past. It’ll enchant you.

Are Broadway shows your thing? The incredible liners offer shows like Mama Mia’, Cats’, Bang in a Can’ and again, the list is endless. Depending on the specific cruise, the shows vary. You could cruise all year and never see the same show twice.

Most cruises have famous and brilliant Jewish scholars. Rabbi Weil (Orthodox Union), Rabbi Abadi, Rabbi Riskin or YY Jacobson. Rabbi Yehoram Ullman is the Scholar Residence on the Australia @ New Zealand Glatt Kosher cruise. He is an emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Sydney. He is a Senior Dayan on the Sydney Beit Din.

Relax on a Kosher Cruise

You could sit on a comfy chair and look out at the sparkling ocean. Breathe deeply, exhale all your tension as you relax your muscles. Read a book on the deck of the ship or even better, at your own private balcony. Who knew a Kosher Cruise could be this easy. Nothing to worry about all you must do is – enjoy!

Don’t forget the spa. These ships are floating magical islands with the best spa treatments anyone have ever thought of. On the Jewel of the Norwegian Cruise Lines, some suites have spas inside with unlimited access to the magnificent main spa. The luxury and lavish beauty of the cabins and suites will make you want to stay, or return very soon. The same can said about the ‘Oasis’ of the Royal Caribbean. I went on that tour and to hear the spa warm stone massage was the cherry` on their ice-cream of a cruise last summer. This time they went for a salt rub detoxifying treatment. They came back to dinner glowing.

This is the time for the whole family to bond. To really spend quality time without having anything else to worry about.