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Make Fresh Air and Clean Up Polluted Air In Offices and Closed Environments

Make Fresh Air and Clean Up Polluted Air In Offices and Closed Environments 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Kamal Meattle, business owner and green activist

Kamal Meattle, a New Delhi Business owner, has always been interested in green solutions to the environmental decay. In the late 90&amprsquos he felt as if his breathing was constricted. His doctors found his lung capacity has been reduced to 70%. The prognosis did not look good at all, especially for a man forced to spend most of his time in polluted offices, lacking fresh air.

NASA scientists came to his defense by introducing three simple plants and changing the air quality. They provided beauty, fresh air and massive banks of plants.

The Areca Palm, removes Co2 and converts it to oxygen. Its leaves have to be wiped daily, taken out every two to four months. The plants must grow about shoulder height.

Mother in Law tongue is a bedroom plant, since it converts CO2 to oxygen at night,

The last of these very common plants is the money plant, a hydroponic plant. It removes formaldehyde and other damaging pollutants.

Mr. Meattle says that with with these these three plants alone, you would be growing your own fresh air. In fact, even if you chose to lock yourself in a sealed container, you&amprsquod still be thriving.

He certainly is a grand example of the green living &ampndash he has healed his lung capacity, helped clean up the the air of office buildings and has set an example for others, both in New Delhi and elsewhere.

I still find find it bewildering why flowers and plants are removed at night from hospital rooms, only to be replaced in in the morning. A nurse once told told me they suck the oxygen away from from the sick. I believe the joy of waking to the beauty makes up for photosynthesis, a tiny bit of carbon dioxide and oxygen. But then again, they may be man-eating plants and neither recommended by Mr. Meattle.

So why would anyone bring a sick person a plant from the &amplsquoLittle shop of Horrors&amprsquo? I wonder. Don&amprsquot you?