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List of Top 6 Must Have Clothes to Take on Your Vacation

List of Top 6 Must Have Clothes to Take on Your Vacation 724 482 Sarity Gervais

When you go on trip which will expose you to the miracles of the outdoors, whether it’s a relatively brief shore excursion on a cruise or a long adventure – it’s important to always put comfort and safety before fashion.

If you are one of the creative souls who can combine the two together, all the better but you’ll feel very smart and grateful if you bring the following:

An incredibly comfortable pair of walking shoes

The Merrel’s updated classic Jungle Moc for men and women ($80) is ideal for long walks from trails to cafes. On a trip in chilly weather, a pair of well-worn UGGS Barlow for women ($180) and the Stoneman for men ($230) is ideal. Both are waterproof and will keep you warm and dry in inclement weather. For walking the streets of a distant metropolis more stylishly, Nautica has the super comfy Rudder Striped Espadrilles for the ladies ($40) and the Bellay Suede Penny Shoes for men ($70). They look great and feel wonderful on your feet. When your feet feel good, you’ll feel great. Blisters can ruin even the best vacation.

Sun protection clothing

Most densely woven fabrics will protect the average person from the sun but if you are very fair skinned and/or are unlikely to reapply SPF every two hours in the amount indicated, there’s a brilliant new tech solution for you. For years now there’ve been special garments made with an SPF factors of up to 50+. If you know you’ll be exposed to very high levels of UV radiation by being in the sun all day, (mountain climbing, beach combing, hiking or even riding in a car or hanging out in high elevations) it’s very much worth investing in one of these garments. Blondes and red-headed, fair-skinned people will benefit greatly from having an SPF over shirt and body covering garment. REI co-op makes a great collection of stylish, sporty and affordable clothing for both men and women. They also make long sleeves to put on over a short-sleeved shirt which protect from sunburn and cancer.

A sun hat

The greatest investment ever, whether or not you’re wearing SPF lotion. If you perspire, forget to reapply or simply don’t want to mess up your make-up, the SPF hat, (which is cute beyond measure and comes in different colors) is there to protect you. If you are a guy, there is one for you in a more manly style and both claim to be over 65 SPF. I’ve had them for ten years and my skin is snow white after a day at the beach. Of course you can opt for an old fashioned wide brimmed hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses, but remember to keep reapplying your sunscreen regardless.

Cold weather clothes

There are some awesome, light-weight, non-cumbersome solutions to keep the luggage from overflowing. Best way to go is by layering. Begin with long, warm underwear like long johns and then build onto that. A soft knit shirt, warm, windproof compressible Patagonia Nano Puff PrimaLoft Gold insulation (waterproof) vest for insulation adds comfort and cozy warmth and can be worn alone or under a shell. Patagonia Better sweater hoodie will feel like a blanket without the bulk. You’ll be warm and cozy. I love mine. The same exists for men and the colors are many as are the sizes.

For really cold weather the Skoop Original insulated overskirt will protect women and is reduced in price by 30% to $80.

North Face comes out on top for the best selection of insulated jackets, some of which may be worn in layers, depending on the weather. The way these jackets peel like an onion, make them good enough to protect from arctic cold but if you overheat, peel off the top and adjust the amount of warmth needed. Made for men, women and kids in different colors and styles.

Head gear, eye gear, gloves and socks

Heat escapes first through the extremities and the head. Even if you are travelling in luxury but wish to explore new places in total comfort, have Thinsulate socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Your gloves must be double isolated and you may be happiest layering a thinner pair under the top waterproof, windproof one. Cover your head with a serious long thick-knit beanie and a scarf which may be pulled over your face. Glasses and goggles to protect your eyes from the wind will keep you toasty.

For all weather conditions – think comfort

Even on the gala night of a luxury cruise, you’ll be far more likely to The Belle of the Ball if your 4&quot heels aren’t pinching your feet and your clothes give you space to breathe and laugh. Also, remember to bring along a wrap to ward off the chill of the air conditioner (a pretty pashmina can play double duty and serve you on the plane ride and anywhere a touch of warmth is warranted). Enjoy yourself!