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Latest Discovery: Sleeping on your left side seems to endow you with health benefits galore

Latest Discovery: Sleeping on your left side seems to endow you with health benefits galore 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Most of us are aware that 7-9 hours of sleep, undisturbed, is likely to the be the best way to become the most functional you. We’ve known the value of sleep for a very long time studies upon studies have proven that cognitive, intellectual and physical performance were directly correlated to the ideal hours of sleep required by an individual. Sleeplessness can cause a whole array of disorders, including weight gain and a lesser ability to concentrate.

As of late, sleep has gone through deeper research and sleep study results have concluded that for best sleep quality, left-side sleeping seems to be superior. For one thing – it relieves heartburn symptoms, while right side sleeping makes them worse. Also, as the night wears on, the waste in our body moves far easier to the colon. The left side of the body is the lymphatic dominant side and facilitates lymphatic drainage. The bile flows more freely and circulation gets helped to move back to the heart. It’s supposed to also be highly beneficial to people suffering from sleep apnea.

The great Rambam (Rabbi Moshe Maimon) – scholar, physician and scientist – also recommended sleeping on the left side. According to some of the theories which advocated sleeping on your left side, some specified the determining connection, being the distance between stomach and the esophagus, thus reducing the level of gastric acid.

I researched these findings in 5 legitimate sources, some of which seem able to clearly explain the connection through Ayurvedic medicine, yet the claims haven’t yet been scientifically proven fact. Most of the findings are based on experiential reports and observations. The ancient wisdom backs up the data and like it often happens, Western science catches up eons later. One thing is certain, it will not hurt you and since attention to one’s sleep direction doesn’t require the ingestion of chemicals, I for one, will surely test the theory.