Kosherica’s PGA Passover is on Fire!

Kosherica’s PGA Passover is on Fire! 350 232 Sarity Gervais

This past Passover vacation at the PGA was a smash hit. Our entertainment was fantastic. It embodied a unique take on being entertained. We had fire acts, wild life shows, magicians, ventriloquists, comedians, casinos, musicians plus many more.

Our theme this year seemed to be &quotAmerica’s Got Talent&quot. One of my favorite acts was Edon from Americas Got Talent. That 14 year old boy is one of the most talented young stars I have seen in ages. He puts Justin Bieber to shame. He had a huge crowd memorized by his incredible voice and passion. I was amazed at how he held everyone’s attention. Some of my favorite songs were renditions of Elton John songs.

The other star from America’s got talent was the awesome ventriloquist John Pizzi. He was a great combination of funny and edgy.

Another one of my favorite nights was the fire and ice night. It was so much fun. It literally was like camping out in the most exciting and fun location. Barlow is a fast clip of our fire show. Have fun watching it.